“A cold wind prevailed” #poem #poet #poetry #writing

A cold wind prevailed 
It caused the living to shudder 
as the world sought refuge 
in faded recollections 
of a forgotten warmth 

Scant consolation 
that struggled to revive 
the heavy of heart 
and lachrymose of spirit 
amid the bleak vernal chill

As the pale sun 
a mirage in ivory 
shivered in the frigid air 

While the departing night
lingered on the horizon 
Its sovereignty over the land
reluctant to relinquish

Afore a’vanishing 
as a phantom 
in the mists of daybreak 
That hung low over the realm
like a burial shroud 

As the great daystar 
scrambled ever upwards 
through the infinite celestial walls 
For to cast its muted light awhile
across endless skies of powder blue 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Leslin_Liu on Pixabay

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