‘Twas an elegant night

‘Twas an elegant night 
That watched over the slumbering world 
One tranquil eventide 
Graced by a serene moon 
In pale cream attired 

Which ascended the wall of indigo 
In splendour and majesty 
Its royal throne for to assume 
Aloft in the heavenly scape 
Of a glorious midnight

When the skies were clear
And a myriad stars
Rejoiced in an endless celestial infinity 
High above an earthbound realm
of mists and shadows
While dreams and visions 
Pervaded the nighttide hour
In cloisters of languor and repose

Where solace and succour 
Revive the wearied of body and mind
And the sorrows and lament 
Evoked by the cares of this life are dismissed 

By the consolation of a benign midnight
That casts a soothing countenance 
Upon the sorrows and travails of the living 
For to bestow that mysterious balm 
Which ever soothes the soul and revives the spirit

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: A7med_3RB on Pixabay 

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