‘A livid blush’

A livid blush bloomed aloft 
in a wash of lavender and lilac 
As it swept through the heavens 

Where the setting sun 
gloried in a blaze of crimson 
For to begin its descent 
into the silent mystery 
of the tranquil seas 

Which serenaded the skies 
in a lullaby of deep magenta

Where a horizon of inky mauve 
parted the unfathomable serenity
That pervaded the benthic realms 
of an unseen bliss beyond bliss 
From the coruscating flush 
a’flower amid the vast empyrean ceiling 

When the hour of dusk 
consumed the celestial expanse 
As it abounded in a shimmer 
of coruscating fuchsia 

And time stood still                                                   
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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