‘A suggestion of dawn’

A suggestion of dawn 
ruffled the waters that lapped at the horizon 

As a pale light encroached upon the realm 
and consumed the remains of a midnight 
that fled the skies 
Which lingered awhile at the fringe of the arena 
amid the lambency of daybreak 

When a nascent dayhour 
emerged from beyond the hills 
Attired in a diaphanous hue 
of alabaster white 
And crept along the edge of the scape 
where the sky encounters the sea 
As the great daystar materialised in the east

Where in sublime splendour it arose
in a glory of shimmering saffron adorned
And ascended the infinite heavens 
in exalted majesty
Its throne for to assume 
aloft in the celestial heights
~ d.a.simpson ~

 Image: fietzfotos on Pixabay 

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