‘A crimson sky’ #poem #poetry #writing

A crimson sky 
stained by the setting sun 
Graced the evening 

As a bank of clouds 
garbed in the hue of dusk 
Hovered over a strip of salmon pink 
that rested upon the horizon 
When the sun set in the western heavens

And the lambent light 
of the dying glory 
By the departing daytide claimed
dwindled in the crepuscular firmament 

For to yield to the looming darkness 
which encroached upon the scape
At the approach of a sublime nightfall 
cloaked in the velvet indigo 
Of the midnight hour impending 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

9 thoughts on “‘A crimson sky’ #poem #poetry #writing

  1. Remarkable imagery..I love the respect shown for the day’s ebb and flow in your verse…
    “…and the lambient light of the dying glory dwindled in the…firmament.”
    — beautifully penned. 😍

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