‘One recent midnight’

There was an insufficiency of light 
one recent midnight 
When the darkness of the sky 
deepened and deepened again 

And the countless silent stars 
strewn far into the lofty sanctuary 
More numerous than the grains of sand 
that carpeted the beaches of the world  

Grew dim in the vast dome
arched over a nightide realm
When they fled into the infinite blue
which graced an unfathomable celestial scape

The remembrance of their buttery glow
a distant echo now 
in the endless cosmos
Like a faded dream
an indistinct recollection
In the light of new morn

While the great moon
that renowned orb of eventide
hid from the world entire
Its timid countenance benign
when the hour of shadows had come
And a great shroud of midnight indigo 
settled for a while and a time
Upon the land of the living 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay

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