‘The moonlit night’

The moonlit night 
arches over the inky seas 
And yields to the realm of visions 
whose tales emanate from a horizon 

Which leads to a hinterland 
far beyond the celestial foundries 
and furnaces a blazing 

Where the great day star as old as time 
into the cauldron of molten gold 
is dipped 

And the orb of nighttide 
that revered mystical light nocturnal 
in silver is cast

Amid a silent sanctuary immortal 
where the shadows of dreams 
Forever their myriad myths do a weave 

When amid the celestial cloisters 
that pervade the empyrean empty 
they do roam 

For to prevail awhile upon a slumbering world 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: rujhan_basir on Pixabay 

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