‘ The spirits of night’

When the spirits of night 
drew a veil of indigo 
Across the celestial expanse 

The shadows of evenfall 
compounded the darkness 
As they brushed against slumbering skies 
and swept across deserted fields 
That lay beneath a benign firmament 

They mingled amid fragrant trees 
in the silence of the woods

And moved across a tranquil lake
where they ruffled the surface of the deep 

They ran with the waters of the river 
which flowed through a valley
And cut tween the walls of lofty hills 
which rose to’ard infinite heavens 
Where abide the dreams of those who dream

Cloaked in the stillness of the nighthour 
that prevails in the impassive emptiness 
Of an enigmatic midnight 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

15 thoughts on “‘ The spirits of night’

  1. Thank you for reading and for your encouraging comment!! It’s always a joy to have a rarely used word come to mind when pondering how to describe something. I’m delighted that you enjoyed this piece along with its “evenfall”.

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