‘A sky of powder pink’

A sky of powder pink 
graced the twilight hour 
As by degrees it edged 
across the taut sheet 
That covered the infinite expanse 
where the endless firmament insubstantial 
encountered the worldly realm 
In the lambent light of dusk

O timeless mystery of ages past
characterised by whispers of lavender and lilac 
Since the dawn of epochs 
which mingled with hints of purple hue

And emanated from silent shadowlands
where mists wreathed in violet
Roam amid an unfathomable realm
while the fall of night awaits unseen
for to bide time awhile 
Until the hour of darkness has ripened 

Cloaked in nebulous attire 
fashioned in the liquid velvet 
of indigo blue 
That pervades the opaque haze of evenfall 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: quangle on Pixabay 


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