‘Ripening in the meadows’

Ripening in the meadows 
are the seeds 
of an incipient autumntide 
As the land fades and withers 

While the tattered hedgerows 
shed their dessicated leaves 
of russet brown and bruised magenta 
Beneath a dome of bronze and fading golds 
arching over the dominion 

Where a burnished sun sets
upon a horizon of inky black
Which partitions the realms of sea and sky
as they corruscate in the dying embers of day
In a plethora of amber flames 

When an autumnal dusk
overcomes the realm
And shrouds the scene
in the smouldering hue of a dwindling evenfall 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FelixMittermeir on Pixabay 

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