‘The lofty clifftop’

The lofty clifftop 
casts a solitary shadow 
in the silence of the nightscape 
A stark etching in ebony black 
‘gainst the backdrop of a nocturnal indigo 

It stands watch over the realm below 
where whispering seas 
lap at a deserted shoreline 
With a chorus of songs 
from mariners ancient and new
Echoing from a far horizon of inky black 
to the golden sands 
a’shimmer in soft moonlight
As ocean spume simmers 
at the hem of the beach

When darkness spreads through a vaulted ceiling 
gracing the celestial firmament 

And a rustle of leaves 
in notes of lachrymose lament
the songs of sorrow 
from the vernal trees issued

Is heard a’blowing 
upon the wings of a gentle breeze 
Caressing a sublime evenfall 
with a soothing lullaby 
The stillness of midnight for to serenade awhile            

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 12019 on Pixabay 


12 thoughts on “‘The lofty clifftop’

  1. I love these lines! Had to look up “lachrymose,” but with the alliteration, it’s just tonally wonderful!
    “And a rustle of leaves
    in notes of lachrymose lament
    the songs of sorrow”

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