‘Clouds of cotton white’

Clouds of cotton white 
Brush the lofty blue 
They spread wisps of gauze across the vast expanse Gracing the heavenly canvas 

For to whisper 
Of an infinity upon infinity 
Beyond this mortal scape 
Far above the tranquil scene below 
Pervading myriad patchwork fields 
That carpet the land in hues of emerald green 

Where endless hedgerows 
Snake ‘tween the meadows

And lofty oak trees 
Exult in a gentle breeze
That stirs their leafy boughs 

While a gleaming river
Meanders amid the bucolic idyll

Gilded by a blazing sun of dazzling gold              

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tunis Tuğ on Pexels 


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