‘A light’

A light of ethereal pallor 
spills across the waters 
Its milk white evanescence 
a transient brevity 
of spectral nebulosity 
Seeps through the opaque shroud 
cast by an evening mist 
Veiling the clifftops 

Lofty walls  
describing a semi circle
that reach the far shores of yon bay
Where waters softly lap

Beneath a midnight firmament 
bejewelled by myriad stars 
Lost in a violet infinity above

While the great orb of night
emerges from another reality 
for to ascend above the ink black line 
etched at the horizon 
As the benthic deep exults
amid the dark dormition 
Enfolding the realm awhile
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: TerriAnneAllen on Pixabay 


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