The limpid waters

The limpid waters 
frolicked in the evening light 
and lapped at the foothills 
edging the heavens 
Where the horizon 
hemmed the surface of the deep 
as it turned to indigo 
beneath a mountainous sky 

A sky of impenetrable darkness 
which brooded over the slumbering realm
As the seas assumed a metallic lustre 
shimmering in emerald green 
In the light of an ivory moon 
dangling low in the midnight firmament 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Willgard on Pixabay 


14 thoughts on “The limpid waters

  1. Your description of the water and the moon’s intimacy paints the picture of a jewel. You definitely did a great job using vocabulary that paints the picture of light shining just slightly but in a mesmerizing way. I especially love your usage of the word “limpid”. It’s a new word for me, and starting the Poem off with that word just made it much more attractive

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