The darkness of night

The darkness of night 
hailed from beneath yonder seas 
Where the horizon 
inked a line of indigo blue 
‘tween heav’n and earth 

And a sorrowful song 
began to pervade an ethereal mist 
A’drifting through the despond 
of an eventide scape
Where trees edging deserted fields
displayed great boughs
Etched in ebony black
‘gainst the backdrop of a nocturnal velvet 
that characterised this mournful scene

While murmurs of lachrymose lament
from some insubstantial realm
Came to waft through the brume
beneath the infinite opulence 
of an impassive firmament 
Cloaked in a violet midnight 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FreeFunArt on Pixabay 


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