Beneath the deserted skies

Beneath the deserted skies 
of a impenetrable indigo 
Where the night hour abides awhile 
and the brume roams free 

The scant remaining leaves 
of a perished yestertide 
Cling to trembling boughs 

As shadows insubstantial 
by another dominion yielded 
Wrap around the trees

And a thin mist skims the fallen foliage
carpeting the forest floor

An epitaph to a perishing yesteryear 

While the murmurs of a fading midnight 
echo tween the sylvan columns 
Coated in the dew of an incipient dawn
issued by the gasps of a dying night
And borne on the wings of the nascent morn

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: geralt on Pixabay


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