Daylight begins to fade

Daylight begins to fade 
and the dilapidated remains 
of a desolate dusk 
Begin to perish 
in the silence of a crepuscular sky 

Denigrated by the ashes of an earliertide swept away with a discarded yesterday 
And consumed by the great fires 
a’raging in the solar chambers 

As the great golden orb 
succumbed to the cool mists
a’swirl over the tenebrous waters 
Dark as a starless night 
a’lapping at the hem of the infinite cosmos
draped in an unfathomable indigo

Whose silent depths
evoked a benign eternity
exceeding the travails and sorrows  
pervading the fleeting shadows and whims
That encroach upon this mortal scape awhile 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay 


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