A soft hiss

A soft hiss 
the sound of skies a’weeping 
emanated from a firmament 
shrouded in a forlorn grey 
the colour of sorrow 
reconciled to grief 
When a mournful rain soaked the realm entire 

It watered the misty glades 
and showered a majesty of hills 
cloaked in a velvet of lush green

While raindrops a many
spattered an infinity of granite rocks 
strewn across a riverbed 
Whose crystal waters meandered 
through the verdant meadows
gracing the benign idyll
sprawling beneath a tranquil empyrean

While a distant gale of foreboding 
rumbled from beyond the escarpment 
Echoing a chorus 
intoned by a pack of desert wolves 
from a remote glacial empty
Home to the great north wind
far from this unsuspecting utopia bountiful
Of dewy grasslands and lush pastures

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: from Pixabay on Pexels 


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