A cohort of clouds

A cohort of clouds 
swept across the rolling hills 
Casting shadows 
that sent a chill through the conifers 

And they shuddered in the cool of a winter’s day 
Overcome by the cold breath 
a’blowing o’er a serene lake

Set amid the cleft of two ancient monoliths
twin escarpments hewn in granite
Rising to’ard the heavens
piercing the endless gray 
Dismissing the insubstantial gauze
discarded by rainclouds a’fleeting

While an insipid light 
by an ineffectual sun emitted
Seeped across the heavens
to spill its rays across a barren moor
In an opaque pallor 
with timorous yellow tinged

When a miasma of mists rose from the ground
seething like disembodied spectres
emanating from another dominion 
Casting a pall upon the dawning of daybreak 
~ d.a.simpson ~

IMAGE: Julius_Silver 

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