“A dazzling sun” #poem #poetry #writing

A dazzling sun 
Blazes through the trees 
Etched in black 
‘Gainst the taut white sheet 
Of benign countenance 
That is the afternoon sky 
Casting a dappled light 
Across the sprawling meadows 
As they shimmer in the heat 
Late in the day
While a sparkling river 
Cuts a tranquil swathe 
A’gleam and a’song 
Through the enchanted realm
~ d.a.simpson ~

image: xuuxuu on Pixabay

“a golden sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

a golden sunset 
gilds the treetops 
far in the west 
and spreads a sheen of gold 
across the tranquil fields 
while in another quarter altogether 
the rhythm of an infinite firmament 
turns the sky a deep lilac 
and swathes the hills
in a haze of blue a shimmering 
as it casts a delicate sheet 
of pale lavender diaphanous 
‘cross the sparkling waters 
of the bejewelled lake 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Todd Trapani on Pexels 

“a myriad fountains” #poem #poetry #writing

a myriad fountains 
of clear water a’sparkling 
mightily do a’surge and a’burst 
from deep within the very crust of the earth 

onward do they rush into yon rivers distant 
that across meadows and fields 
do journey and meander serene 
and down into valleys do flow 
‘tween vast mountains 
and rolling hills gentlesome

they hearken to the voice of the seas
that to their spirit does ever speak
for to guide and to lead 
to’ard the waters unfathomable 
of the mighty oceans a’roar
which swirl ‘neath the gilded star of day
and endlessly do swell and fall 
at the hest of the opalescent orb of night 
~ d.a.simpson ~

image: JAMES WESTMAN on Pexels 

“The ivory moon” #poem #poetry #writing

The ivory moon 
Intoned lullabies most ardent 
Rich in earnest endearments 
For to serenade and enchant 
The bejewelled lake 
Whose placid expanse sparkled 
Beneath a star studded sky 
Of inimitable indigo blue 
As the elegant monarch of night 
Drew ever nearer 
To the tranquil sapphire waters
Afore the night ebbed to nought
A tender adieu for to bide temporary 
To its paramour beloved
And a prompt return for to vow
The lovers’ tryst assuredly to keep
Upon the very morrow
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

“The muscular trees” #poem #poetry #writing

The muscular trees 
Tall and silent did stand 
In the cool fragrance of the night 
That graced the vast forest 

As it harkened in the dark 
To the murmur enigmatic 
Of voices ancestral 
Which whispered in the mists 
As they hovered in the shadows of night 
And narrated a myriad tales 
Of exploits by the heroes from ages past

Whose robust trunks 
And sturdy boughs
Built the monuments of the world
The castles and palaces and temples of renown
Which housed the mighty and the great

Whose names forever shall be engraved 
On the elegant marble walls 
Of the hall of legends illustrious 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay

“A tangerine sun” #poem #poetry #verse

A tangerine sun 
Came to rest awhile 
Upon the tranquility of a placid sea 
Where it sipped at the waters 
A’shimmer in the crepuscular haze 
As they lapped at the distant horizon 
That drew a nebulous circle 
For to skirt the expanse of molten bronze 
As it freely coruscated 
Beneath the empyrean vault 
Which arched a lavish canopy 
Of a myriad flames of burnt sienna 
That raced like a celestial river of fire 
Above a lofty wall of clifftops in terracotta 
Stark ‘gainst the monumental skies 
Of a spectacular titian firmament 
That gloried in the opulence unbounded
Of an extravagant eventide 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Lukas Kloeppel on Pexels 

“Upon merciless hearts” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

Upon merciless hearts 
From pitiless granite hewn 
The laws immutable of the cosmos entire 
By a diamond stylus were etched 
Their mark a scar 
That defaced the ugly beauty 
Of the hardened stone 

For the people of the world 
Since time began 
Had learnt not 
The wisdom of the ages 
In holy books writ 
By sages prophets and kings

Now all did flee 
At the approach of the time of trial
Strewn like grains of sand in a desert 
By a sandstorm beset 

Forgotten sudden 
Were their dreams and their boasts
As clay forgets the pot
When to the potter’s floor it does fall
And shatters upon the hardness below 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: BlackDog1966 on Pixabay 

“A tranquil copse” #poem #poetry #verse #WritingCommunity

A tranquil copse 
Cloaked in the beauty of isolation and fortitude 
Veiled in the fresh dew of early morn 
Graces the crown of a solitary hill 
Begarbed in lush grass of emerald green 

That glistened amid the cool mists of dawn 
Which cloak a multitude of patchwork fields 
Scattered across the realm 
Arrayed in golds and greens 
Divided by straggled hedgerows 
Of beech and blackthorn

Blanketed by a morning fog 
That lingers amid a sky of cerulean blue 
Bereft of cloud 
In a thin auroral light
Bestowed upon the nascent day 

By an indifferent sun insubstantial 
Pale of countenance 
Beset by lethargy and indolence 
High above a silent world 
When all are yet supine and much aslumber 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

“Orion’s belt” #poem #poetry #verse

Orion’s belt 
Poised aloft in the night sky 
Graced the heavens 
Amid an embellishment of stars 
By the illustrious plaeides escorted 
A’glitter ‘gainst the dark blue sheet 
Overlayed in a veil diaphanous of deep purple 
That verily gleamed 
In the effulgence of the placid orb of night
Which scattered a glow of light pearlescent 
Across the firmament nocturnal 
While a rush of meteorites 
Sped through the great emptiness
And in its glorious wake 
Sprinkled a myriad blandishments 
In a shower of stardust 
That gleamed gold in the nocturnal light 
And slowly fell to’ard earth
The darkness therein for to dispel 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Guillermo Ferla (gferla) on Unsplash 

“A sun of vermillion” #poem #poetry #verse

A sun of vermillion 
Burned the evening sky 
As the star of day 
Set ablaze the vastness of the firmament 
And onto the skies unleashed 
Fires unquenchable 
From the cosmic conflagration 
That scorched the empyreal realms 
And flared in the void 
Above a barren tree 
Bereft of leaf and stark of bough 
As it spread its silhouette of ebony black
‘Gainst the taut heavenly canvas 
That mightily blazed unrestrained 
As the colossal cauldron 
Devoured what remained of day
With a ferocious incandescence 
All consuming and unquenchable 
Whose very fury was reflected 
In the unutterable stillness of the placid lake below
As it turned the tranquil waters ruby red
Beneath the raging inferno
That consumed the hour of dusk 
Akin to a fiery dragon celestial 
A’roam about the ethereal heavens 
In the twixt light of a fervid eventide 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: MabelAmber on Pixabay