“A delinquent spirit roamed the earth” recent musings of mine #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

A delinquent spirit roamed the earth
With an unseemly extravagant swagger
The spikes malevolent invincible
Of the unseeable monster to escape
Shuttled timorous families of clouds
Across the farthest reaches of the ceiling celestial
Through vast unseeing skies lofty
Indifference feigning to the spirit of fear
That gripped the defenseless realm unprepared
As all below right across the doomrich lands
Hither and thither scuttled masses hysterical
Mountains amassed of victuals
Only to be left to rot
While a third of the globe goes hungry
Barrels of fluids sterile undrinkable
While the other half of the world thirsts
Reams of paper in tall Ionic columns piled
Within mini castles across this green and pleasant land
Of families nuclear
Their bunker mentality to feed and foster
Their certain end for to defer awhile
A very end that may or may not yet arise
But an end real and much palpable
To those in the thrall of fear
That spoilt child of self regard
Of reduced humanity
To mere consumer autonomous
d.a.simpson ©

“The palette of colours radiant” #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

The palette of colours radiant
By the brush of the artist celestial expertly blended
Across the heavens before daybreak scurried
Its joyous hues to spread from end to end
Of the dawn sky
As it awoke
The firmament a robe in topaz hazarded
Of a timbre vibrant this day to adorn
The sparkling glory
Of the turquoise veil
A’shimmer upon the face of the deep below
To mirror and emulate
In mimicry borne not of envy borne
But of admiration and adulation
Allies and teamwork
Not foes and fighting
The vaulted dome
With rainbow coloured, sceptre and golden orb
The mantle of office royal to assume
By the conclave heavenly anointed
The crown to wear
This new day to rule
d.a.simpson ©
(Image: V Nordli-Mathisen. Unsplash)

“As the languid ocean slumbered” my newest verse #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

As the languid ocean slumbered
It gathered tales of heartfelt dreams
Whispered to it in the night
By the ripples a’million
That homage came to pay
To their mother the sea
The urgency of their pleas
That it would recall upon waking
To honour by bearing
And upon its waters carrying
The supplicants ardent
To the far side of the world
And distant shores impoverished
By the cruelties of the elements delinquent
Awaiting travellers seafaring
Gifts of glass and salt all a’bearing
Their caves and troves
For another year to replenish
d.a.simpson ©

Image: Pixabay

“The sapphire lagoon” a #poem of mine #d’Verse WritingCommunity

The sapphire lagoon nestles in the embrace
Of a citadel of mountainous craggy rocks
That surround their priceless treasure
To guard it from the prying eyes
And greedy fists of prospectors
The shimmering beauty basks
In the gaze of its rugged admirers
As it regards the ever changing scene
In the heavens far above of never ending masterpieces
Painted in myriad hues
Of endless parades of clouds and clear skies
Along with flypasts of birds on the wing
And reflections of a million realms borne
From far and near
Taken up by the rising waters in the clouds
Spread out across the vast firmament
Not for once pining for a closer view
Of the greater universe
For it rejoices in the adoration
Of its army of guardians
And delights in the company of its trees and animals
While joyfully welcoming its countless celestial visitors
d.a.simpson ©


“A pallid evening bereaved of joy” recent musings of mine #WritingCommunity

A pallid evening
Bereaved of joy
Hung lifeless impotent downcast
Below a sky indifferent
Of quality indistinct habitual
In a life teeming with lack
Weighed down with a fine drizzle
Of a repute duplicitous
Singularly gifted with an ability
Bordering on that of genius
All souls to drench to the skin
And freeze to the very marrow
Possessed of a persistence
That eluded its less refined brethren
Whose clumsiness
Souls under shelter sped
Before had barely commenced
The battle watery
That made it the envy
Of its cousin more muscular
That much dreaded downpour heavy
Whose quiet cunning
Unawares caught
All but the very cynical
Whose experience
In the vagaries temperamental
Of the barometer changeable
Cognoscenti par excellence
In preparedness diligent
For every eventuality elemental
Them thoroughly did school
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Shutterstock)

“The sky patrols the great dome high above the world” #poem #WritingCommunity

The sky patrols the great dome high above the world
It preens and swaggers its way across the vast firmament
It admires its reflection sparkling far below
In the deep glassy stillness of a mountain lake
The night is clear and the air is clean
A fresh breeze blows through the emptiness
Silence abounds and fills the deep bowl of the lake
Surrounded by tall rugged mountains
The water ripples its appreciation
Of the picture captured upon its placid surface
Millions of tiny diamonds encrust the deep blue heavens
A diamenté tiara sparkles high in the constellation
The dark velvet glows with pride
As it sways to the music of a thousand stars
d.a.simpson ©

“One solitary star left in sole charge” #poem #WritingCommunity

One solitary star left in sole charge
Of the entire vault of heaven
To keep watch and to guard the skies entire
Every single one of the planets
And all of the earth and its myriad creatures
While its colleague the moon has other plans
And abandons its job share post
The slender lunar slice slinks behind a thin veil
Of slow moving clouds
To disrobe and change into an evening attire
Of a fetching soft cream for it is determined to be the star
Of tonight’s lavish extravaganza
A gala event attended by the very brightest in the firmament
For thousands will grace this glittering soirée
Meanwhile the bright lone star glisters
With resentment upon its lonely vigil
Its incandescence as it burns with indignation
Draws the admiration of vast crowds
Over thousands upon thousands of miles
As they gather to gaze up at the sky at night
While the glory of the moon remains visible
Only to its circle of clouds the whole night long
And it is unable to go to the ball
For the golden carriage cannot find the moon behind the cloud
While millions of upturned faces are transfixed by the light
Of Sirius the true bright shining star of this night
d.a.simpson ©