“There is a timeless truth” a poem after observing the sea awhile. #poem #poetry #verse

There is a timeless truth
To the language of the sea
Whose rhythm and tides
The spirit do settle
With the relentless repetition
Of its rules and regulations
Its policies and procedures
Its eternal truths and patterns
Immutable and as old as time itself
When the waters first covered the void
Their pelagic empire indisputable to establish
Emboldens the timid and the afeared
Consoles the grieving
And tests and tries
The robust and the proud and the vain
As it swirls and rolls
And a very vessel aloft into the air throws
As whole and wholesome it does make
All who its lessons do learn


Image from Pixabay on Pexels

“At daybreak” a poetic celebration of early day. #poem #poetry #verse

At daybreak
In the brilliant whites
That near blind the unshielded of eye
There is seen a glimpse
Of heavenly light ethereal
Beyond our understanding temporal
On the early morning clouds of unknowing
There follows the pale rich light of cream
As the nascent day by degrees does emerge
Then burgeons that welcome hesitant gold of dawn
By all creatures much welcomed
That begins as a bright yellow
Like lush fields of buttercups abounding
Afore into full gold blooming
As the great daystar the sun itself
High aloft into the sky
Does now most glorious soar triumphant
Abounding in a wealth of assurances
That the heart with much warmth
Shall verily gladden
And the path of the wayfarer
With a wealth of daylight will liberally flood


Image by Steve Johnson in Pexels

“A flamboyant night” #poem #poetry #verse

A flamboyant night exotic rich in hues of indigo and jade
That to us came from beyond this earthly realm
Triumphal at its zenith did grow
To an audience of constellations and planets
When the world entire below was abed
Slowly perished as neared the hour of dawn
Its demise to cause unwitting
Thus laments the night with a piteous dignity
It bears its wounds as do all the broken hearted
Weakened by weeping and invaded by a troublesome grief
It lingers like a forlorn lover from his amour compelled to part
Now night unbridled keens at the hour of dawn
It lifts its heart to the celestial firmament
The salving succour of reprieve to seek
From all and any that to its rescue might come
Stranger or kindred to the despairing it matters not
Whence help comes but none does yet appear
An unlikely eleventh hour mercy mission
To execute for the one condemned of clemency much worthy
For its duties most diligently were fulfilled
Without rebellion it completed its tasks many
Ever enshrined in the souls
Of those who love the hours of darkness will abide
Its monument to the splendours of the night
A permanent place guaranteed
Forever arrayed in the splendid majesty of its quietude austere
A mere facade that belies its worth weighty
As antidote to the fracas of the day that was past
And in great haste is now impatient to come


Image by Anni Roenkae from Pexels

“There is a timeless truth” musings of mine upon a recent amble #poem #poetry #verse

There is a timeless truth to the language of the mountains
Whose stillness and majesty to the pilgrim do call
For the slopes of enquiry and learning to scale
The lessons in wisdom for to begin to acquire
Whose lofty height of strength and endurance do tell
And forbearance too in times both bleak and bless├Ęd
For sturdy and robust are their hearts of granite
While pure and flinty are their spirits
For by the cares and woes of the world
And its unwholesome practices
Unsullied and uncorrupted they remain
And in the innermost being of the pilgrim
There are heard the echoes of the voices of the mountains
While in the lofty heights the gentle breezes and mighty gales
Tell of their character forbearing
Whose tranquility in the face of affliction and woe
Does in all evoke a longing to walk on the hills without ceasing
As all fears and sorrows are conquered
And strength through perseverance is now gained
Aloneness a faithful comrade and ally does become
Independence and patience do burgeon and blossom
As nature is embraced and embraces back
For the air clean and crisp
Like freshly laundered linen sheets
The soul and spirit does cleanse and invigorate
And both heart and mind does it forever fortify and renew


Image Pexels on Pixabay

“The pale bronze moon” composed during a night time stroll #poem #poetry #verse

The pale bronze moon drops low
Over the shimmering copper lagoon
A’sparkle with myriad diamonds
As a trillion stars of crystal
Glisten in the sapphire sky
And sprinkle the realm with stardust
While the tall silent trees of the forest
Reach heavenward their boughs
For to catch the falling lights of the nightstar
As the rolling hills
That surround the tranquil realm
Bathe in the warm glow
Of the monarch of night
For to bolster the night firmament
As to the placid idyll
It draws near
For to repose awhile
With the slumbering land below


Image by geralt on Pixabay

“The sky was aloof” a poem after gazing at the skies awhile #poem #poetry #verse

The sky was aloof
And the hills were inscrutable
As humankind sought answers
To the age old questions
Of death and birth and everything in between
And pilgrims silently marched
Towards the bleakness barren of the hills
In private thoughts lost
As their paths they trudged
Ever onwards
Towards a summit
That nearer never seemed to grow
For the journey
Without an end in sight did seem
So much so that some among the pilgrims
Did begin for to wonder
Whether in fact they had now the earthly life departed
And that this trek they had undertaken
Had never entailed a quest for knowledge
Thus they soon began to discern
That the journey was actually the answer
And they slowly began to observe
That all of humankind must ever strive
And onwards and upwards forever journey


Image from Pexels on Pixabay

“The feverish ocean stirs” #poem #poetry #verse

The feverish ocean stirs fretfully tonight
And the world entire is a’tremble
As it restlessly awaits
The waxing of the moon
For yonder firmament above
With very menace broods much
And the waves impatient
Do simmer and swirl
While the power crazed seas
With unbridled fury do froth
Like souls possessed
As their mighty fists
At the very heavens do they hurl
For to brandish their dark threats
Of rage molten rage


Image by Mondschwinge on Pixabay

“The voice that whispers” musings mystical of mine. #poem #poetry #verse

The voice that whispers
In the stillness and the silence
Is the voice of eternity
It stirs the soul
With longings for home
Its rouses the spirit
To lead it onwards
Ever onwards upon the road to paradise
For the word of truth
Does quiet the heart
So that it can harken
To the voice of eternity
And its words everlasting
From ages past
Before the beginning of all things temporal
Unto the present time and into the future and beyond
Through vast plains
Along the rivers of time
Over mountains
Across the empty deserts
And on ever onward
Into very eternity
And the ultimate state
Of the continuous present
Now everlasting
For whosoever
Upon earth has ever lived


Image after Steve Johnson on Pexels

“the great golden crescent” on a recent nighttime skyscape. #poem #poetry #verse

the great golden crescent an amber glow emits
as it reclines into the familiar indigo sheet stretched taut against the vaulted ceiling
that covers the slumbering realms below
throughout the hours of darkness
the silhouette of a passing murmuring of starlings
‘gainst the waxing moon etched
briefly in its warm glow lingers
then into the darkness vanishes sudden
watched by the procession of nightly pilgrims
assembled below the unveiling of night to await
as the moon slides behind a wisp of soft lilac clouds
drifting through the night sky
blended on a palette of myriad hues
by a distant artist daubing the heavens entire
with messages from a thousand dreams
from the sleeping world below
now heavenward wafting


Image: raheel9630 on Pixabay

“The red cliffs hummed” a poem to celebrate the beauty of nature. #poem #poetry #verse

The red cliffs hummed
This enchanted evening
Little troubled by cares wordly
For the day
Had much blessed been
By the gentle music melody
Written in sunshine
Aplay amid the rippling laughter
Of the warm waves of a summer’s seat
That softly lapped at their feet
Beneath a monumental sky
Of cyan blue
Awash with golden light
That bathed the horizon
In a glow from another place
Beyond this temporal sphere
Whose dazzling light
Was in the clouds golden glow reflected
And celebrated in the songs of the seabirds
That flew high in the celestial heavens
Twixt this world and the other


Image: Steve Johnson on Pexels