An ochre sun #poem #poetry #writing

An ochre sun 
low in the firmament 
A remnant of day 
coruscating amid the celestial canvas 

Where the edges fray, 
thin ribbons of deep amber 
a’ dancing in a light 
Emanating from dying embers of dusk 
that adorn the far reaches of the scape

While recollections of daytide
unravel in fine threads of gold filigree 
vanishing into the infinite mysteries 
beyond this realm

And a faint wash of diaphanous yellow
bleaches the skies 
The colour of the ripened wheat 
swaying in an evening breeze
a’ wafting over the fields below

It seeps across the heavens 
reflecting the infinite light that ever shines undimmed 

Abounding in the unfathomable realms
that pervade the enigma of eternity 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Victoria Yurch on Pexels 

A veil of mist #poem #poetry #writing

A veil of mist 
shrouded the kingdom of night 
It mingled with the shadows 
whispering in the tenebrous obscurity 
like phantoms from another reality 

Their sighs ruffled the calm 
pervading the still waters 
that lapped at the shores of the lake 
beneath a starless sky 

While their murmurs of sorrow and joy
echoed amid the deserted woods 
And skimmed the barren hills 
roaming in the unseen dominions 
solace for to seek 
its consolation to pursue
for a time and a tide 

Until the dawning of a midnight hour 
when the curtain of slumber 
settled upon the realm awhile 
All spirits within and without 
for to restore and revive 
through the intangible mysteries
abounding within the sanctuary of silence 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FreeFunArt on Pixabay 

Clouds a’drifting #poem #poetry #verse #writing

Clouds a’drifting 
slowly edged across the skies 

Spectral entities from another dominion 
silent and thin as gauze 
Insubstantial and enigmatic 
impassive and unknowable 
present yet departing 

Not from this mortal reality
but from some other world 
somewhere else far from here

On their way to another place 
to’ard another oblivion 
Transient and unslowing 
all affairs of this realm spurning
all existence in this realm disdaining

And a lone gull 
toward the ethereal manifestation 
did idly glide
for to inspect the cohort otherworldly 
Finding nought to merit further scrutiny
into the vast blue yonder
did languidly soar 

While a beast of a wind, tame but able
upon the billowing visitors did gently blow 
to speed them on their voyage
out of sight of this serene sphere

Clearing the firmament entire in one breath
restoring the plain canvas 
characterising a bland day 
washed in an aqua marine 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tim Mossholder on Pixabay 

A deserted scape #poem #poetry #writing

A deserted scape 
heavy with the shroud of night 
Exuded an aroma of pine 
sharp and clean 
Where the trees quivered 
and an early mist 
Shivered in the pale light 
issued by an ethereal sun 
a’ creeping up the opaque skies

A threshold tween the dying nighttide
and the dimday of an imminent dawnhour 
Afore the great star of day
its appearance had accomplished 

A tableau in obsidian 
from a wearying yesternight
Ere long to be swept aside
by the canvas of a sublime aurora 
Awash with promises in pastel peach 
as a blush 
upon the countenance of a rising sun
Spread across the waking firmament 
where the willow trees incline
to’ard the light of a nascent morn 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:geralt on Pixabay 

The dawn light #poem #poetry #writing

The dawn light 
seeped through the thin mist 
Smothering a realm 
rousing reluctant 
following the slumber of night 

When the glow from a rising sun
shed upon a waking world 
a gleam of white gold  
cold and clean 

While the lambency of daybreak 
flooded the kingdom 
And cast a pale haze
over rolling hills and silent meadows 

As the morning air
heavy with dew 
Pervaded the dominion 
exulting in a nascent daylight  
shimmering on a lake
And mingling with a night fog
lingering in a forlorn adieu 
at the edge of the hour 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: olga-filo on Pixabay 

Spectral forms #poem #poetry #writing

Spectral forms 
phantoms of nightfall 
mingled with the mysteries of midnight 

An ethereal pallor 
from another dominion 
settled amid the woods 
Where an enigma of mists 
draping the great trees 
melded into shadows of night 

They roamed through the stillness 
pervading a tenebrous silence
beneath a stygian firmament 

When the light of day 
grew dim in the lofty heavens 
vanishing into the other reality 
Where it spoke into the dreams of those who dream 
and illumined the visions of those who see

While the kingdom of night 
drew a veil over the realm awhile
As a vapour rose from the ground 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: taken from Alamy

Shadows #poem #poetry #verse

Shadows of eventide 
stretch their limbs 
wearied now and in need of slumber 
as the hour of evenfall 
draws ever nearer 

They drift across the sands 
edging a lake of crystal waters 
exalting in the seclusion of a remote realm 

And carpet the deserted beach
gilded by the rays of the setting sun 

While thin ribbons of cloud
tinged with the gold of sunset 
glide through the impassive firmament 

As the tranquil scene
exults in the cool of a serene dusk
roaming the lakeside 
Where the poplar trees grow
amid the mysteries of a twilight mist 
Written in the language of enigma
as old as time itself 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: vasya21 on Pixabay 

The silent forest

The silent forest 
where a stillness 
filters through the dry air 
cooled tween the wooded columns 
Whose fragrance floats on a soft breeze 
stirring dessicated leaves 
carpeting the ground 

Harkens to the seething mists 
meandering amid the night shadows 
Disembodied spirits otherworldly 
oscillating in a sea of gloom

A roaming through a cloister of trees
caressing their boughs 
in a midnight air
heavy with expectation

When the darkness of the hour 
deepens and deepens again 

As a hunger grows  
for the seeds of night
scattered on a midnight breeze

Lingering amid the tranquility 
pervading the deserted woods 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image taken from Alamy

“A #charcoal stripe” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A charcoal stripe 
hemmed the foothills edging the empty skies 
While the waters below reflected in a granite grey 
smooth as glass 
the stygian note characterising the firmament 
As they lapped at the endless horizon 
a’circling the hemisphere entire 
that graced the remote realm 

It foreshadowed the seeds of an imminent storm 
brooding at the borders of the dominion 
Brewing for now far from this benign arena
in some distant reality

Where the stormclouds gathered
their schemes to devise 
And the orchestras of lightning and thunder 
their displays to choreograph

Beneath an impassive emptiness 
where an enigmatic nighthour addressed another oblivion 
Beyond the boundaries of this mortal scape 
where the morning grew dark and darker still 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

There’s a kind of music

There’s a kind of music 
in the silence 
pervading the cool of the midnight hour 
It floats amid the earthly scape 
where through the mystery 
of an infinite cosmos it breaks 
For to reveal the song of paradise 
to the souls of a mortal world 

‘Tis a murmur
deriving from the baseline 
at the dawning of very time established 
Where a forgotten past retreats into a nothingness 
an empty from whence it came 
While an unknowable future
abides in a fanciful realm
Where a mirage it remains 
ever beyond reach

As myriad anthems of an unfathomable eternity
soothe the restless spirits 
of those who dwell on earth 
for a time and a while 

Bestowing upon their souls immortal
eulogies of joy perpetual                                   ~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pexels