‘Ripening in the meadows’

Ripening in the meadows 
are the seeds 
of an incipient autumntide 
As the land fades and withers 

While the tattered hedgerows 
shed their dessicated leaves 
of russet brown and bruised magenta 
Beneath a dome of bronze and fading golds 
arching over the dominion 

Where a burnished sun sets
upon a horizon of inky black
Which partitions the realms of sea and sky
as they corruscate in the dying embers of day
In a plethora of amber flames 

When an autumnal dusk
overcomes the realm
And shrouds the scene
in the smouldering hue of a dwindling evenfall 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FelixMittermeir on Pixabay 

‘Misty glades’

Misty glades 
shivered in the cool shadows 
Upon a deserted evening 

While meadows of melancholy 
characterised by woe 
Huddled ‘tween the granite boulders 
gathered into dry stone walls 

Whose hearts as cold 
as a sepulchre 
on a winter’s night
Tendered no solace
to a realm without refuge
In a land devoid of defense 
‘gainst the encroaching rigours
Of an autumnal chill

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Chikilino on Pixabay 

‘A sky of powder pink’

A sky of powder pink 
graced the twilight hour 
As by degrees it edged 
across the taut sheet 
That covered the infinite expanse 
where the endless firmament insubstantial 
encountered the worldly realm 
In the lambent light of dusk

O timeless mystery of ages past
characterised by whispers of lavender and lilac 
Since the dawn of epochs 
which mingled with hints of purple hue

And emanated from silent shadowlands
where mists wreathed in violet
Roam amid an unfathomable realm
while the fall of night awaits unseen
for to bide time awhile 
Until the hour of darkness has ripened 

Cloaked in nebulous attire 
fashioned in the liquid velvet 
of indigo blue 
That pervades the opaque haze of evenfall 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: quangle on Pixabay 

‘Like a lamp’

like a lamp 
adorning the vast empty 
that exults in the celestial canvas 
as it arches above the world 

the orb of night 
as old as time 
dispels the darkness that freely abounds 
in the cool halls of nighttide 

when the shadows  
roam amid the stillness 
of the deserted scape 
where silence holds court

and the sky assumes a cloak of violet hue 
as the pale moon 
casts a soft glow of cream
across the realm entire 

faithful guide 
of the midnight traveller 

guardian of the land of dreams

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay 

‘ The spirits of night’

When the spirits of night 
drew a veil of indigo 
Across the celestial expanse 

The shadows of evenfall 
compounded the darkness 
As they brushed against slumbering skies 
and swept across deserted fields 
That lay beneath a benign firmament 

They mingled amid fragrant trees 
in the silence of the woods

And moved across a tranquil lake
where they ruffled the surface of the deep 

They ran with the waters of the river 
which flowed through a valley
And cut tween the walls of lofty hills 
which rose to’ard infinite heavens 
Where abide the dreams of those who dream

Cloaked in the stillness of the nighthour 
that prevails in the impassive emptiness 
Of an enigmatic midnight 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

‘A soft lilac’

A soft lilac 
characterised the sky 

While a pale light from a serene moon 
hovered at the edge of the scape 
Where a forlorn adieu 
of a departed sunset 
lingered in a haze of lavender 
And there was a gentle breeze 
which ruffled the tranquil waters 
that abided amid infinite benthic realms

While a shimmer 
issued by the dawning nightide
Skimmed the horizon 

As the breeze whispered 
to the frisky the sands 
and frittered them away 
For to scatter upon the moonlit seas 
their myriad grains of quartz 
Which rejoiced in a silverine glow
by the orb of night bestowed 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: quangle on Pixabay 

‘Flames of bronze’

Flames of bronze 
abound in the arena 
Of yon heavenly realm 
amid the amber light of dusk 

As a sea of glass 
captures the copper sunset 
Upon the serene countenance 
that graces its limpid waters
And light from the dying orb of day 
floods the scene

Which scatters myriad rays of gold
through the hemisphere entire
While the burnished disc 
corruscates in the western skies
And scans the celestial chambers
for the solace of sanctuary 
‘Gainst the incipient cold 
of a merciless midnight 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay 

‘In the distance’

In the distance 
where the realm of heaven 
skims the earthbound land 
There rises a lofty wall of remote mountains 
hewn in granite 

Whose sharp features 
and steep inclines 
Grow soft in the lambent light 
of a mellow haze
That cloaks their rugged countenance 
in the gentle hue of another dominion 

As their pointed pinnacles
reach for the firmament 
and merge into the otherness
That veils the skies
in a dusky blue 
Which leads into yon infinity

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Racquel Moss (raquelxmoss) on Unsplash 


‘A sun of vermilion’

A sun of vermilion 
scorched the evening sky 
With the embers of the dying day 

When the great orb 
flared a final adieu 
In the endless expanse 

And sank beneath the barren hills 
that exulted in the lambency of dusk 

While the waters of the lagoon
shimmered in light of evenfall 

And silence pervaded the scene 

While the mists of night gathered
for to shroud the land
At the midnight hour
when dreams and visions prevail

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Valiphotos on Pixabay 

‘Gently go the shadows of night’

Gently go the shadows of night 
through a sea of mist 

Without substance 
they do glide amid fragrant woods 
Dense with lofty columns 
cloaked in emerald green 
Ever a’quaver in the cool of evenfall 

Like a whisper in the wind 
they float across a serene lake 
and stir the still waters 
That pervade the silent realm below 

Over the lilac fields they drift

Where they stall
beneath the enigmatic countenance 
of a remote moon
Veiled by a waft of gauze
lost in the vast indigo 
of an ethereal midnight 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Valiphotos on Pixabay