“A light drizzle” following a stroll on damp evening.

A light drizzle
Hovered uncertain
In the fading evening light
Before settling over the tranquil lake
As it grew black
Beneath the darkening sky
Denuded of stars
While the granite hills
Overlooking the dark waters
Huddled close
Under the deep canopy
Of the nocturnal firmament
That embraced the realm
With a benign silence
The slumbering world
Not to waken
Until first light of day
d.a.simpson ©

Image: Free-Photos on Pixabay

“A vision of night” musings and reflections of mine.

A vision of night
Invades the dreams
Of those who dream of night-time
Who long for the hour timely
When appears the firmament of indigo
That in the glow of the moon does bask
As myriad stars a’glowing
As far as eye can see
And heart could desire
Do scatter
With very life to pulse
In the hours of darkness
When the slumbering
In their becurtained bedchambers cloistered
Upon their beds repose secluded
Amidst reveries nocturnal lost
In the thrall of Shalim
Until morning is nigh

(Image: prettysleepy1 on Pixabay)

“A glorious eventide sky” musings of mine on a beautiful evening.

A glorious eventide sky
Swathed in mauves
Spreads a monumental canopy
Across a sea
Of myriad violet waves
Beneath lilac mountains
Draped in rivers of heathers
And colonnades of thistles
As a billow of clouds
With hems of hyacinth
Languidly traverses
The tranquil firmament
While a murmuring of purple starlings
Swarms and swoops
In a flamboyant aerial display
As an iridescent glow
From a fuchsia sun
Afloat upon the horizon
Bathes a valley of foxgloves
In final adieux
And sweet goodnights

d.a.simpson ©

(Image: StockSnap on Pixabay)

“A spring day pallid” a verse following a springtime amble

A spring day pallid
Cool and indifferent
In life and vigour lacking
Of promise devoid
To fatigue tumescent yielded
Under a burden
Of inertia wearisome
Beneath a sky awash
With an hue insipid
By a flock languid of gulls
Of direction aimless
Slowly traversed
As into view
There wafted a billow of clouds
Atop a voile of haze diaphanous
Over an empty beach
And a tranquil sea
Of waves absent
With a silence replete
That across the emptiness
Of the oblivion colourless
Did softly echo
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: nutraveller on Pixabay)

“The moon is a sliver of opalescent cream” #writersnetwork #WritingCommunity

The moon is a sliver of opalescent cream
That to the shadows of night cleaves
As through the dark hours they course
Across the canopy of indigo
Beneath a glistering gossamer voile
Of myriad stars
That flood the land
With anthems impassioned
From their distant worlds
Collected by the branches
Of a mighty oak
With outstretched boughs bidding
Passing birds visitant to host
And upon its welcoming branches
To alight
For to rest awhile
Before their flight taking
With their feathers newly drenched
In tidings and proclamations celestial
Upon the celestial stardust borne
For to sprinkle them across the realm d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Gellinger on Pixabay)

“A tsunami of sorrow” #writersnetwork #WritingCommunity

A tsunami of sorrow and dread washed over the world
Its vast waves invaded the lands
As an ambush by surprise
Overcomes the slumbering
For none had the possibility of the invasion foreseen
Neither scouts nor spies had returned
To the ruling courts and palaces
With reports of activity suspicious and attack imminent
The unsuspecting world was caught totally unawares
When the unwelcome intruder marauding
Its probes on destruction intent did send
Into all realms
Wantonly massacring the people
Plundering the wealth of the world
The survivors leaving in mourning and in ruins
Forever changed by succumbing
To the appetites rapacious
Of the great twin plagues of grief and fear
That to a lowering of morale ever lead
Weakening all so that victim they fell
To loss of moral fibre and bodily strength
And perished
Their former lives and standing in the world
Now but a faint memory distant
Like a faded photograph in a dusty frame
A thing of horror and trepidation
That would forever be recalled
In the annals of the generations of the future
d.a.simpson ©

Image: DavidZydd on Pixabay