“An angry sea” #poem #poetry #verse

An angry sea ever prowls the world 
In search of new havens 
Again and again it circles the vast globe 
That spins through a universe without end 
Its great waves ever crash upon shores bleak With boulders of granite crowded 
The rapacious seas verily pound the wary beaches 
And probe vast caverns beneath the red cliffs hidden
As the great dragon prince of the oceans
Stirs the seas into a cauldron of froth 
While its fearsome tail whips and thrashes
The boiling green waters furious
Before departing on the next tide
All intent on destruction now forgot awhile
As a weariness temporary 
The fury in the beast does quieten
Until the moon magnetic
A merciless tempest in the firmament 
Amid a seismic turmoil 
A million miles beneath the brine 
Does stir anew the restlessness 
Deep within the soul of the great ocean
As it now heaves and rolls in great mountains unforgiving 
And drives its determined fingers merciless
Deep inlets and caves a many to investigate 
Until upon its way afresh it goes
For to course the edges of the continents 
To flow from pole to arctic pole and from east to west and back again 
On its perpetual quest relentless 
The world entire forever in its thrall to keep


Image: domitrisvetsikas1969 on Pixabay

#WritingCommnunity #writersnetwork #poetry #poem “Pale phantoms of winter from the north”

Pale phantoms of winter from the north
Ghostly warriors with hearts as cold as brute steel
Faces set like flint for the struggles ahead
Shoulders cloaked by rivers of white locks
Flowing out from beneath helmets of steel
Embossed with images recounting tales of past triumphs
Now upon their southbound voyage on great longships
With huge figuregeads of dragons and snakes
Slice through the icy waters with oars
As hard as the hearts of the mariners aboard
Eyes of piercing white like the blue light
Spread across a crystal clear northern sky
Blinded to suffering by exposure to the relentless snow and ice
Upon which they drive packs of wolves dragging their sledges
They sail to storm ramparts to the castles of the southern islands
Armed with brute force and weaponry of cold steel
Sharpened on escarpments of bright white glaciers
And unremitting freezing northern winds
Drenched by deluges of rain onto the unsuspecting target they swarm
Ruthless and merciless despite the plight and pleas
Of their defenseless victims
They roll out catastrophic devastation like a sea of ice
Their mission is soon achieved in a battle
Their unarmed enemies had not entered into
As they raze and pillage the realm
They make off with the spoils of war
Looting the treasures of the vanquished
With no use for these themselves
Save for the thrill of the conquest
Before departing the theatre of the vandalised kingdom
While the survivors destroyed by loss and grief
Are left to clear the land littered with the remains of a senseless demolition
d.a.simpson ©

#poem #poetry my recent verse “The edict has been signed”.

The edict has been signed

The winter can commence

The exquisite vibrant silken threads of autumnal glories

Are now unceremoniously unravelled

The frieze is tightly grasped

Screwed up into a rough ball and flung dismissively

Into a nearby bonfire

Whose glorious glowing embers swallow whole

The oranges and bronzes of its welcome meal

Disdaining the trifling scene

Winter draws a curtain of thick black velvet

Over the tableau with a melodramatic flourish

That signals the end of the act

A robin’s bright red breast

Along with a scattering of ruby berries

Mere splashes of colour upon a dour scene

The world entire now hibernates awhile

Until brusque winds clear away the detritus of winter

With a sharp blast of cool clean air

Aa the dormant world rises from the ashes of autumnal fires

Consumed by vernal slumber

To burst onto the scene clad from head to toe

In the bright spring colours of emerald greens

Shiny new whites and light smiling yellows

d.a.simpson ©