#poem #poetry my recent verse “The edict has been signed”.

The edict has been signed

The winter can commence

The exquisite vibrant silken threads of autumnal glories

Are now unceremoniously unravelled

The frieze is tightly grasped

Screwed up into a rough ball and flung dismissively

Into a nearby bonfire

Whose glorious glowing embers swallow whole

The oranges and bronzes of its welcome meal

Disdaining the trifling scene

Winter draws a curtain of thick black velvet

Over the tableau with a melodramatic flourish

That signals the end of the act

A robin’s bright red breast

Along with a scattering of ruby berries

Mere splashes of colour upon a dour scene

The world entire now hibernates awhile

Until brusque winds clear away the detritus of winter

With a sharp blast of cool clean air

Aa the dormant world rises from the ashes of autumnal fires

Consumed by vernal slumber

To burst onto the scene clad from head to toe

In the bright spring colours of emerald greens

Shiny new whites and light smiling yellows

d.a.simpson ©

“the granite face of winter” a poem of mine

The granite face of the winter

Frowns its impatience

At being kept waiting

Beside the seasons’ crossroads

By the sentimentality

Of late autumn’s outpourings

Its lingering sorrowful farewells

In a swirling cloak

In ostentatious shades

Of showy magenta golds

Deep lilacs, salmon pinks

Ambers and emerald greens

d.a.simpson ©