“The hours of winter” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The hours of winter have perished 
Now over the vernal ravages 
Of a merciless wintertide 
Boast the trees primeveral 
Of resounding victory triumphant 
‘Gainst yesterday’s brute bygone days 
As their new shoots a’bursting 
With much pride unbridled 
They do verily flaunt unabashed 
Whose delicate tips most tender 
In shades of pastel pinks and pale mauves 
Delicate ivories and soft yellows
By the felicitous paintbrush sublime 
Of a Renoir celestial bedaubed 
For the bare boughs to bedeck 
In a realm of myriad trees yet skeletal
Starkly etched against the timorous sky
In duck egg blue most tender attired
The burgeoning season nascent
With glee gladsome for to declare 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Deena on Pexels 

“A porcelain moon” #poem #poetry #verse

A porcelain moon 
Emerged from behind the veil 
Of a nebulous haze 

Which hovered spectral 
‘Tween the skeletal boughs 
Of an ornate cherry tree exquisite 
Stark ‘gainst the plain canvas 
Of celestial indigo infinite 

As it cast an opaque shadow 
Across the elegant darkness of night 
That covered the tranquil realm 
With a shimmering sheet of sapphire
That glistered with a sparkling scintillation
Of a multitude of stellar luminaries 
Amid the nocturnal sphere abiding 
Far into the mountainous heights 
Of yonder sublime vault empyreal 

And ever onward into the remote expanse beyond 
Which dispelled the cheerless gloom forlorn
Of a bleak hibernal desolation 
That burdened the land awhile 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Larisa-K on Pixabay

“A flawless firmament” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A flawless firmament 
That exulted amid the perfection 
Of a deserted celestial expanse 
Which led into an infinite empyrean 
Above yon emptiness upon emptiness 
Did by the hour mature and ripen 
From the incipient blaze rudimentary 
Of an early auroral dawn 
And throughout the lofty trajectory entire 
Of the glorious star of day 
As it graciously scaled the vaulted dome 
Until the inception of crepuscular hour 
Amid hues in deep plum and magenta
When the golden orb 
Turned to crimson then unto fuschia
When at the easterly reaches 
On the distant horizon 
Burgeoned the darkness of night
Which spread a sheet of indigo
Across the heavens
When the evenward hour drew near
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: kien virak on Pexels 

“The pale sun” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The pale sun 
As pale as snow 
‘Gainst a gossamer thin sky 
Of ethereal white 
From some reality beyond this realm 
Probes it auroral light 
Into the farthest reaches 
Of the celestial expanse 
At this the very hour of dawn 
When the nascent day imminent 
From the darkness of an indigo night 
Does into the daylight emerge
While in yonder distance 
Streaks of bright gold 
Hint at the golden hues 
That anon shall grace the daytime hours 
As wisps of apricot and crimson 
Waft uncertain low above a horizon
As it circles the earth 
With a line of violet hue
For to await the crepuscular hour
For to await the break of day
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Kevin Menajang on Pexels 

“The danse macabre” #poem #poetry #verse #writers

As the reaper most grim 
The winter enjoins 
Onto the ornate ballroom floor to step 
Their danse macabre for for to begin 
The two dark clad figures most deathly 
Of temperament moribund vernal 
Across each other’s path do strut 
One the other endeavouring to outperform 
In ever increasing steps a’frenzied 
Every death stare unflinching 
Of their partner a’trouncing
Their faces sunken cheeked 
By large hollow eyes dominated
Every ghoulish leer by turns more sinister 
Gasps of horror provoking from the a’feared guests
At the bal de masques terrible
As wields a lone fiddler his pernambuco bow 
Thin of horse tail hair 
A mournful suonare a morto to scrape 
Upon the strings of a dusty stradivarius 
Now the gladiatorial dance duo
Sudden to a standstill do lurch
By a trance catatonic immobilised
At the very final triple metre swirl
As the door to the ballroom verily bursts open 
At the sound of fanfares by golden daffodils trumpeted
Bearers of a knockout fragrance intoxicating
The spectral wraiths of death and winter
To the floor casting
The new season blossoming for to greet
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: ajs1980518 on Pixabay 

“A light frost” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

The ground was dusted with a light frost 
That sparkled like diamonds 
It glistened in the early morning light 
Like a myriad stars 
That illumined the nascent dawn 

While in the heavenly realms 
That arched over the world 
A vast dome draped in violet 
Studded with an eternity of stars 
As far as the eye could see and beyond 
Into the unseen infinity 
Of worlds beyond worlds 
That stretch into yonder cosmos 
Into the far reaches of time itself 
Sprinkled the realm below 
With glittering blandishments
That glistered in the cool vernal air
As night slipped off the celestial stage
For to yield to a daybreak imminent 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Andy Holmes (andyjh07) on Unsplash 

“Beneath a tyranny of oppression” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

Beneath a tyranny of oppression 
To suppression wedded 
Toiled much a myriad souls upon the vernal earth 
Beneath a mere glimmer of white light 
Upon a far eminence remote 
Beyond the cleft ‘tween the granite mountains 
That imperceptible did wax and wane 
Like a moon about its cycle mystic 
‘Til the downcast eyes 
Could no longer unseeing remain 
As the growing might 
Of luminescence and warmth 
Verily grew and bloomed 
As it blossomed and flourished 
In the insipid winter skies
Which warmed to the embrace 
Of pale gold rays that pierced the gloom
And spread like a river all a’rush 
After rainfall on parched land 
And the realm of the much afflicted
Knew that all would now be well
All travails would vanquished be
All sorrows consoled and dispersed 
As the much disconsolate 
Their lachrymose lamentations did cease
For to greet the nascent springtime primaveral
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: danfador on Pixabay 

“A sheet of metallic green hovers over the deep” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

A sheet of metallic green hovers over the deep 
Beneath a dark emerald sky 
That afflicts the era 
Of the midwinter most bleak 
While in the monumental vaulted dome 
High above the placid verdigris of the sea 
Whispers of cool vernal air 
Tousle the few remaining leaves 
Clinging determined to bare skeletal trees 
Redundant ornamentation these days 
Which line the forgotten wastelands 
Of the bejewelled riviera 
That with myriad crowds a chattering 
Did but yesteryear teem
As they inched their way 
Along the elegant promenade 
Now this deserted coastline 
Of all visitors does lie bereft
Its great masterpiece sublime
In watercolours depicted
Tragically unseen by all 
One enchantment of an eventide 
Upon this glittering sceptred bay
This sparkling diadem 
That crowns the elegant head 
Of a simple outpost insignificant
As it perches upon the shores of a tranquil ocean
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels 

“Late after nightfall” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

Late after the hour of nightfall 
While the prudent in their chambers 
Of their repose did take til the new morn 
Graveyard like lay the empty bridleway 
Lifeless stood the trees 
Bare of leaf in a silent forest 
Where no living creature ventured 
Inert was the night sky 
Expressionless and inscrutable of regard 
Devoid of sparkle from stars 
Empty of meteor or cosmic dust 
Absent of glow from a benign faced moon 
For to light the way below in the deserted kingdom
Impenetrable was the very night
Enticement ethereal its speciality this dark eventide 
Alluring and tempting in its mysteries enigmatic 
The night wanderer for to beckon and to summon
Into its cloisters unseeable
Amongst the mists that wheezed and whispered 
Of unseen worlds ephemeral 
Of altered realities unfathomable 
Rich in the unspoken wisdom of the ages
That abides in a realm to come 
Where all shall be restored at the last
Whence light perpetual shall the world entire illumine 
And the other world temporal 
Shall into nothingness vanish
As sudden as night into oblivion does fade
When very dawn itself dispels all darkness 
Whereupon it bathes the land with blandishments of radiant succour 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:.cocoparisienne on Pixabay 

“The husky bark” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #WritingCommunity

The husky bark 
Thrice asunder does rend the stillness of the night 
Its insistent message echoing across the land 
As the eerie scream otherworldly of a vixen 
An answer affirmative issues 
That pierces the tranquil serenity of nightide 
Like a visitation supernatural in a minor key 
Now it slowly fades 
Amidst the swirling mists 
As afar a distant fox picks up the cry
An awaited reply to his own voice unique 
The triple bark hoarse
A sound most distinctive
A call its territorial rights to establish
In the darkness of nighttime 
Soon an alarm bark is needed 
Cubs safe to keep
Their singular gekkering 
Either at play or a fighting
A howl wraithlike
Shudders through the dark
As a dread fear descends 
Upon all who are hid and a’watch
Amid the shadows one vernal eventide 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tomàš Malik on Pexels