Reflections of mine upon the winter “Fallow and moribund lies the land” #WritingCommnunity #poem

Fallow and moribund lies the land
Upon this heartless day of steel cold walls
Of rain soaked winds that halt the efforts of mankind
The brutality of the season to escape
All the birds of the air imprisoning
Along with the beasts of the field and forest in their homes
The busy crowds impeding as along drenched byways they bustle
In search of provisions and necessities a plenty
Against the infamous rigours to guard
That assail both soul and body
All through the long bleak midwinter times ahead
When night and day one into the other endlessly roll
Their burdensome dank greyness wearisome
The fetid stench of winter’s unrelenting dampness unavoidable
Wherever the spirit roams in search of succour and relief
The sorrowful situation by the floods
And the breakdown in supplies
Of fuel and light and food compounded
The waters wash over land and homes mercilessly drowning the lot
Just as surely as it saps the will of the people
While its partner the cold kills off all life
Just as it destroys all vestiges of hope within the hearts of its victims
So that they wish they could curl up and wither
Like the leaves of the trees
Or lie dormant in the ground until better times
If only they like the blessed animals
Had been told the secret to hibernation
d.a.simpson ©

Following a seashore stroll “The bottle green sea froths with unbridled fury” #poem #WritingCommnunity

The bottle green sea froths with fury unbridled
As it mobilizes a band of fearless mariners and mercenaries
For the great battle to come broods most imminent
A battle that has long rumbled in myriad rumours
And the hushed whispers of a million gentle waves
Borne by a thousand ships across the whole world since long ago times ancient
Striking terror and dread into the spirits and hearts
Of seers wise men princes and serfs
Who dwell upon the land and in the waters of sea and river
And in the air all around
Giant sea lords as tall as the highest clouds of the skies
As indestructible as mountains
With muscular arms as strong as iron
And sinewy legs as tall and wide as oak trees
Great tyrants with terrible roars rampage across the oceans
All life above and below the waves petrifying
With gleaming eyes ferocious of brilliant emeralds
That pierce the souls of the strongest
Who dwell on the shores so that with dread fear they perish from one mere glance
Mighty rulers of the waves of cruellest mouths so voracious
That tales terrible are recounted of villages entire being swallowed up
By a single greedy gulp of one of these beasts
Fearsome warriors of the deep waters beneath the vast skies
With huge heads the size of mythical monsters
Crowned with mile upon mile of snowy white flowing locks
So thick and coarse that legends of sea and land wars
Tell of cities in the way of these marauders ripped apart
By a single lashing from the huge seas crested by mile upon mile
Of white frothy manes riding the waters at a full moon high tide
On the night of the great storms
That sail through the history of the kingdoms of the earth and its oceans
d.a.simpson ©

“This irksome life of toil and strife” #poem #poetry #WritingCommnunity

This irksome life of toil and strife
This uninvited burden
Shackled to my unconsenting spirit mortal
Weigh upon me with ever increasing insistence
On a journey not of mine own devising
Now onto the stage of sorrows
Blows a cold hard wind
Whose heartless icy fingers
Comb through my soul with the hard iron teeth of a winter rake
Causing me to surrender to their cool comfort
Then reach for my shivering form
To wrap me in their steadfast grasp
Until a euphoria that takes by surprise my troubled heart
Lifts this wretch from its despond prior
As the burning grief within my being
Is soothed and quieted
With each fresh gasp of winter’s frozen breath poured out upon me
I now stand taller and more invigorated
Greatly refreshed and welcome renewed
Cleansed by the severity of the season
Surprised by a rich contentment new
To bide my time in vernal dormant state
Until warmth and light do me revive in due season
d.a.simpson ©

Upon musing on the winter #poem #poetry “Snow blizzards blast hard on the scene of scarcity” #WritingCommnunity

Snow blizzards blast hard on the scene of scarcity
And paths of ice spread their slippery peril far and wide
Frosted windows abound and a ponds freeze over
Scatterings of snow are rife across the whole realm
Great golf balls of hail are hurled from on high
Winds of bitter cold bite through all coats animal and human
As winter grips cruel the land for endless weeks
While darkness rules the season with an iron fist
It spreads like a silent malevolent mist throughout the land
It fills entire the spirits of humankind
And drains them of all strength
It afflicts with a torpor of dread and a deep gnawing lethargy
That weighs heavy upon the sturdiest of souls
Sending them hastening to seek a place in which to lie
Within the sanctuary of winter’s dark secluded corners
Like the very beasts themselves hibernating in their turn
Until the slow brightness of the early dawn of better times
Pierces the gloom with its relentless searching light
And gainst the deepest desires of the weakened spirit
Ignites a faint flame of hope that entices back to a brighter future
The most reluctant of the barely living
d.a.simpson ©

#poem “Pinpricks of brilliant light seep through the taut domed firmament” a thought that came to me upon gazing at the stars. #WritingCommnunity

Pinpricks of brilliant light seep through the taut domed firmament
High above the realms of the earth below
Permanent scars of fierce battles waged in aeons long ago past
During the great wars between forces of rival worlds
Inflicted by mighty giants and warrior pirates fearless
That journeyed to this part of the galaxy
On a quest to stir up strife while prospecting for gold and bright sparkling gems
Borne from one end of the universe to another
By teams of fearless thoroughbred stallions
Speeding their masters upon chariots of thunder
Great bolts of lightning issuing from the turning and the grinding
Of their heavy wheels grating gainst the thick outer layer of skin
That stretches across the dark side of the sky facing away from the sun
Not once warmed through and softened by its rays
And never bathing in the gentle milky light of the moon
The wounded blue vault spreads out its punctured canopy
The wounds of the arrows and lances of the invading forces
The scorched holes from the thunderbolts
Turned to a thing of bespangled beauty the afflicted
All the battle wounds now badges of honour
d.a.simpson ©

Thoughts of mine “Bright lights glowing a million” #poem #poetry #WritingCommnunity

Bright lights glowing a million through the perforated indigo night sky
The vast firmament a great sheet sprinkled with sparkling stars
Spell out the epic tale of stoical victory over adversity cruel
Of ambush by unseen enemies from afar
A testament of heroic triumph in the face of a magnitude of suffering
A time of unimaginable cruelty and adversity torment and tribulation
Witnessed by a multitude of angelic heavenly hordes
Of a history as old as the renowned tale
Of the tragic fall of the earth and its inhabitants
From the state of very paradise of its beginnings
Now all perilously forgot by that very same wilful earthly race
As it slips lower and lower into an increasingly parlous state
Of misdeeds against its own self, its peoples and lands its seas and skies
The planets glisten brighter and brighter with dolour at each passing era
And now the cosmic death knell rings out its dread message across the universe
With every drear drum beat the galaxy of processing mourners weeps very tears of stars
As the funeral cortege wends its mournful way across the universe
The face of the sun turns a pale shade of lilac as it shrinks over the edge of the horizon
Surrounded by a blaze of red hot grief bathed in an aura of gold
That paints the celestial vault from end to end with a lustrous gilded halo Like an icon of the saintly face of sorrows
It will be an anxious vigil this long uncertain night of waiting and watching
Until the earth’s recovery and the birth of a bright new dawn
d.a.simpson ©

“Lost travellers” #poem #WritingCommnunity #poetry #vss365

Lost travellers caught up and tossed about
By the mighty beast from the east
Trawl the unseen bottomless abyss of silhouettes
Where phantoms of earlier generations
Stoical survivors of the great winter storms
Lie quiescent
Until the bright light of a flash of lightning Awakens them anew
And the resounding clarion call
Of the mighty thunder summons them
In a cosmic réveillon echoing
Through the hollow corridors beneath time
Where repose in slumber temporary
Patriarchs and prophets from ancient days
Gathered for a season to their ancestors
And the dormant leaves now swirl up
Like a great plume
In a magnificent fountain of dark foliage
A swan song of sorrowful farewell to the world
Before taking their final bow
And forever vanishing
Beneath the thick vernal shroud
d.a.simpson ©