“A great iron beast of a ship from another reality” recent musings of mine #WritingCommunity

A great iron beast of a ship from another reality
All along the coast glides in splendid majesty
On a glassy green sea innocent of waves
In a silence ponderous that speaks of great wonders
Now forever left behind in lands distant
Yet forever after borne in the souls of this monolith’s crew
The mighty vessel for a brief moment slows
The shorebound a glimpse to offer
Into the eyes of the sailors upon the deck
Who at the world will ever after look
Through an altered lens
Whose hearts evermore
Will to a distant drum beat
While the audience spellbound
To the spot stands rooted
Perplexed and eternally changed
By a profound silence by an eerie stillness beset
That alongside the magnificent sea giant sailed
Forever away to unknown harbours bearing
Tales unspoken of sights by the seafarers seen
By lofty sails that barely moved guarded
In the soft mist by a gentle breeze borne
All as if ’twere all a mere reverie enigmatic
d.a.simpson ©


“The darkness beholds the land” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

The darkness beholds the land with pride
A deep satisfaction at a task done well
A masterpiece well crafted and completed
For all about lies life itself now quiet and inert
Recumbent on the bed of deep winter
Beneath the watchful gaze of the skies slumbering
The world at rest reposes temporary
In the small hours of the calendar
While silent signs of nascent life
Slowly spread their blanket of hope upon the scene dormant
With whispers of brighter prospects to come
That echo through the vast halls of castles
And reach into the underground depths
Amid myriad tunnels of warrens and burrows
And breathe throughout forests and glades
And across the dormant fields spread
That all shall be well so very soon
The period of mourning and wearisome waiting
For a glimmer of a new day’s dawn passing
The deep rest through the night time season of shadows ending
For a new life is beginning
Bright green shoots of hope through the hard hoary earth a’spearing
As a promise of rebirth and joy anew abounds
d.a.simpson ©

(Image from Steve Johnson: Unsplash)

“A lonely eventide silently wept” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

A lonely eventide silently wept
In the emaciated vernal land
As through the lifeless winter desert it roamed
Towards the end of its earthly journey
Beside a lifeless lake it now paused
Its mournful reflection in the still waters to regard
A deep satisfaction
Bordering on contentment
Through its spirit began to spread
Like the warming rays
Of a long ago forgotten summer’s day
For in the mirror at its feet
It saw another soul reflected
Likewise afflicted by grief
In these grim dark times
And ever after was all well
In the heart of the evening
For no longer was it alone
In its sorrows and troubles
This newfound priceless treasure of a comrade
Would now a fellow sojourner be
Through life’s bleak times
The burden so very alone borne
For so very long by the lone evening
Forever lessening
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Levi Bare. Source: Unsplash edited by poet)

“for a time a spirit of dread fear” a verse of mine #poem #WritingCommunity

for a time a spirit of dread fear
possesses the world entire
as plague and rumours of plague abound
may those who love and serve
the Lord of heaven and earth
be a blessing to all
with the peace of God
that surpasses all understanding
may they do all the good that they can
by all the means that they can
in all the ways that they can
in all the places they can
at all times that they can
to all the people they can
as long as ever they can

d.a.simpson © after NKJV and John Wesley

(Image Quino Al. Source: Unsplash)

“The rugged mountain of winter” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

The rugged mountain of winter
Proud and defiant
In the brute bleakness
Stood to its full height
The rigours of decay inevitable to face
Its great limbs a final time to stretch
Parading and posturing in vain now
Before an ever thinning audience disinterested
Its final swan song to perform
In front of a crowd slowly melting away
A better theatre presently to patronise
In a showy act of defiance hollow
Gainst the inevitable onward march of time
Before into the fourth dimension being gathered
From whence it came
As the world slowly turned
A mere scion of tempus relentless
Behind the curtain of the year to vanish
Its chambers to regain
To perfect slumber to yield awhile d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Eric Grossgasteiger. Unsplash)

“The Firmament” #poem #WritingCommunity

The firmament that curves over the world
Watches over its people through the seasons
Sustaining it through times good and bad
Like a mother hen over her chicks brooding
Always its benign blue light casting upon the land
A pale delicate haze upon a winter’s day
The realm to safeguard while the great sun
All life below does guide through day
Until at night the celestial blue darkens
The kingdom in a shroud of slumber to cover
As the lights from the moon and stars
Upon the paths of all earthly life
Until early morn do shine
d.a.simpson ©

(Image: Simon Matzinger on Unsplash)