“Afore e’er rose the sun” a recent verse of mine.

Afore e’er rose the sun
As a night most weary
With notions of slumber
Much absorbed
Into oblivion slowly did fade
A new dawn
Did across the pale canopy celestial
Sprawl and stretch wide
To breathe deep
And luxuriate awhile
In the thick folds
Of the crisp clean sheets
Of the cool air
At first light

“Into languid creams” recent musings of mine

Into languid creams
Did waft the palest of golds
As the afternoon haze
A canopy of ivory did spread
Across the sea in hues of honey
That tenderly nudged
The white sands
With wavelets in fine lace edged
That a frosted line
Of effervescence did leave
With glee a’sparkle
In the light bedazzling
From the shimmering glow in saffron
Of the summer sun
As ripples of orpiment
Wafted from a billow of clouds
That lazily traversed
The gilded scape
With occasional swathes of pale azure bedaubed

“Into view there crawls a storm” a verse on a dramatic seashore scene

Into view there crawls a storm a’burgeoning
Upon the heels
Of a rain shower innocuous
As a sea much contented
And a portrait of emerald enchantment veritable
Now sudden does turn
An inky seaweed green most dark
Of dread foreboding
At the approach
Of the renowned disturber tempestuous
Of tranquillity and pax de caelo
By edicts immutable established
In the courts of moon rex
And its sycophants tidal symbiotic

“A halo of pale gold” on a recent stunning early morning scene.

A halo of pale gold
The dawn did greet
In a dazzling blue arrayed
As velvet smooth fields of lilac
From their slumber awoke
And languidly stretched
All the deeper to breathe of the cool crisp air
A forest of foxgloves
Did their sleep heavy faces now lift
The new morn to salute
With their sweet-scented greeting
The rolling hills with early morning dew drenched
In emerald green did sparkle
In the bright first light of day
A nearby copse
To the rejoicing throng drew near
The fragrance of its trees to exude
While aloft in the cyan heavens
A billow of clouds in cream
On early morning parade
Across the firmament did march
By a flypast of early-birds escorted


“Of a weeping birch tree” a further piece on a tree I frequently pass.

Of a weeping birch tree
The cloche extravagant
In a gown of emerald green berobed
Resplendent glowed
Upon a clear sunlit day
As a gentle breeze
With glee abounding
Played and pranced
Amongst the myriad leaves
Of emeralds bright
In and out
Endlessly weaving
Through the branches trailing
A delight balletic
As the tree
Oh so debonair
A set of perfect arabesques
And pas de bourrée
Masterfully performed
To the song of a lofty skylark
A’soar in a sky of dazzling blue
d.a.simpson ©

“The domed cupola of emerald” a poem on a weeping tree I often pass.

The domed cupola of emerald leaves a’glitter
Ever to’ard the plush velvet a’tumble
Of the soft green grass
That carpets the realm
A’ shimmer in the warm glow
Of an elysian idyll
As gather together the faithful
Beneath the boughs
Of the cool sanctuary
Within the cloisters hallowed
With prayers and hymns suffused
As dulcet airs
By myriad leaves
Pipe through the branches
A’play in the gentle breeze
From distractions worldly shielded
By the panels wooden
The rotunda walls that do grace
Pilgrims from near and far to host

“The stillness profound of the trees” recent musings of mine.

The stillness profound of the trees
Impassive and serene
Speaks to the spirits of those
Who watch and wait
Of the thin places
Twixt this world
And the kingdom eternal

For their foundations
Rooted in the very soil
Into the welcoming humus
Of this earth temporal do plunge
As the hearts of men themselves
To the things of this life
Rooted do remain

While the branches of the mighty trees
Ever heavenward thrust
For the eternal heavens to reach
Connecting this world and the next
So also the hearts and souls
Of the children of this life
Upon this mortal coil dwelling
Do reach for the things everlasting
As their souls for eternity endlessly yearn


Image: EvgeniT on Pixabay

“A plaintive chant” a verse after seeing a picture of an ancient monastery.

A plaintive chant
In a minor key
Rich in melancholy contemplative
Across the barren wastes
Of an ocean of emptiness profound
Does thinly trickle
Its sacred songs
Along corridors of cool clean air
Within a steady gentle breeze
From cloistered walls distant
In the fading light
Of a tranquil eventide
Upon a deserted plain
Beneath a benign firmament
By a solitary skylark traversed


“A great fire in the sky” following a stunning sunset.

A great fire in the sky
A deep orange did blaze
The remains of day to burn
Long into the e’entide crepuscular
Where there glowed embers golden
And the hills smoked and simmered
As the heat of the day
High above the land did rise
Forever to be lost
In the mists ne’erending
That do swirl across the face of the earth
And now ’tis night
When darkness cloaks the realm
And myriad creatures
With hushed footsteps
Forth do creep
As across the land
They softly move
While the great waves of the sea
Heave and roll
Cool and clean
Under a silent night sky
Much aglow with light from aeons past
By stars and heavenly bodies strewn
Through the endless cosmos


“A leaden sky that bore a grudge” recent reflections on a dramatic scene.

A leaden sky that bore a grudge
A sense of foreboding did flaunt
That through the realm
Unthwarted did race
As there flourished a brewing storm
While dark brooding clouds congregated
An unforgiving mist to spray
Upon the living
That through clothes and skin
Did all victims hapless soak
Right to the marrow
The very soul of the afflicted
To dampen
Any vestiges of hope to extinguish
Should they perchance
In the hidden places
Of a man’s spirit
Linger awhile