“The winds a’howl and a’rage” #poem #poetry #verse

The winds a’howl and a’rage 
As torrential rains lash at the sea 
And the land grows dark 
Dark as a starless night at midnight 
The ocean waters verily heave 
Whether in rebellion ‘gainst the very winds 
Or in concert with them ’tis hard to tell 
As the white caps flurry in a blur of much chaos 
And great waves roll in to’ard shore
While an ominous stillness holds the land captive
As all with bated breath do fearful grow 
And portentous sheets of rain 
Batter the realm without ceasing
How much more water can the heavens dispense 
Surely the end soon must come
Yet the duel twixt waters and wind
Bellows and blusters and fulminates unremitting 
As the two mighty elements fearsome 
One another do bait and goad for to wrestle
As the roar of the firmament urges them ever on
In a battle unwinnable
That only in defeat for all shall surely result
When all is spent all is stilled
And quietude and serenity abound anew              


Image: dimitrisvetsikas1969 on Pixabay

“The signature of sunset” #poem #poetry #verse

The signature of sunset 
In ink of crimson 
Large is writ 
‘Gainst the fading blue 
Emblazoned far aloft 
In yonder cosmic heights 
For the realm much to delight 
Adorning the taut sheet of linen 
That from east to west does stretch
Above the seas a’sparkling 
That in the eastern dominions celestial 
Began the tale of day 
At dawn’s early light
In a buttercup yellow penned
As a blaze of turquoises 
Embellished the sky entire
The hours of day throughout
While etched in white 
A languid trio of gulls
High in the monumental firmament 
Did a’hover and a’linger
For to grace the scene awhile                       

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by IvaCastro from Pixabay 

“A flurry of myriad leaves” #poem #poetry #verse

A flurry of myriad leaves 
In ambers and reds 
By the stiff autumn breeze 
Swept up from the ground 
Where supine and spent they lay 
Now gathered up by a breeze a’swirl
Tossed high into the air 
And cast all about 
Set free beneath the cerulean canopy
A dazzling dance 
Merrily to perform 
Of a tarantella a’whirling 
Their freedom gleeful 
For to relish awhile 
Bathed in the golden rays
From the mighty star of day
Amid the bright blue skies
That arched over the great boughs
Now bare of leaf
Denuded by the passage of time 
And the relentless approach
Of the changing of the seasons inevitable 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by WARREN BLAKE from Pexels 

“A retinue of sycophants” #poem #poetry #verse

A retinue of sycophants 
Attired in robes of crimson 
And swathed in veils of gold 
Race across the celestial dome 
For to chase the dying sun 
That mighty star of day
A’coruscating in a blaze of flames
As it slides lower and ever lower
Down the monumental wall
Of the crepuscular firmament 
To’ard the waiting line of indigo
That edges the circle of the earth
Where the seas glow a’flaring
Like a supernal cauldron of burning embers
Beneath a sky on fire 
That slowly vanishes 
To the darkness of night yielding
As the great curtain of velvet 
Is from east to west drawn 
The hour of night for to commence 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by susan-lu4esm on Pixabay 

“Below a treacherous sky” #poem #poetry #verse

Below a treacherous sky 
Of cloudless blue 
That upon the horizon 
Betrayed a bank of billowing clouds 
Rich in promises of rain 
There dwelt a stoical plateau 
Of baked clay and cracked earth
A deserted wasteland 
Inhabited by a lone tree bare of leaf
That upwards rose
From an innocuous hillock
Of scruffy weeds and tufts of grass ungainly
Which overlooked a dessicated scrubland
That evoked the barrenness of the heart 
And futility of earthly pursuits temporary
By preoccupations temporal beset 
As they waxed and waned like the very moon itself
In their glorious triumphs and dismal failures 
Then vanished into the yonder ether
Beyond the undulating hills of terracotta 
Beneath a sky impassive and silent 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay 

“The beauty of the evening” #poem #poetry #verse

The beauty of the evening 
In hues of gold and crimson arrayed 
Was verily marred 
By the histrionics melodramatic 
In notes of lament in lilacs and purples 
The colour of woe and mourning 
Of lenten days redolent 
From whence abound austerity and denial
Rich in regrets melancholic for times past and lost
As the darkening features of the firmament 
And a meekness of countenance 
That hinted at shrived garb and widows weeds
In preparation for the demise of daytime
Chastened the merriment unseemly 
Of the show ostentatious 
A’flaunted by the day yet in full bloom
Like a gaudy outfit at a wake
That refused the demeanour of modesty 
As the eulogy a’commencing
Avowed most sombre and staid to be
While the mature of sobriety pudent 
Rolled their eyes and sighed much
At the unseemly pretensions of dusk 
With its florid displays exorbitant
And exhibitionist flares the colour of carnivals
That refused to bow to the inevitable 
In the muted melodies of quietude serene
The dark indigo of night for to herald 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by AdinaVoicu from Pixabay 

“On the riverbed” #poem #poetry #verse

On the riverbed 
There lie great giants silent and still 
Megalithic boulders of granite 
From a mighty cosmic event in ages past 
Whence the universe entire 
Into very chaos was thrown 
Whereupon from the depths they were scooped 
And all about scattered
Likes small pebbles insignificant on a beach
Some on gentle verdant slopes 
Others over pastures green
In an almighty upheaval seismic of the cosmos 
From the great rivers and lakes
Above and beneath the surface of the earth 
And from the vast skies 
Now these grey monsters like statues supine do lie
Beneath the sparkling waters
That across moorland and through trees 
Ever a’rushing do go
Impassive and grey
Witnesses all to the passage of time 
Over millennia upon millennia 
Of their repose a’slumbering do yet partake 
In their haven idyllic of serenity tranquil 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Camera-man from Pixabay 

“A thin reed” #poem #poetry #verse

A thin reed verily strained 
For to draw out the final pain ridden notes 
Of a plaintive lament 
Upon a windswept hill 
In hues the colour of bleakness and woe 
Wrapped in a cloak of sorrow 
Beneath an impassive sky
Of inscrutable greys 
That regarded the small gathering 
Of shivering mourners 
Who in their loss
Together for warmth and comfort did huddle 
As to contain their grief they did struggle
Beneath a firmament benign 
That began to slowly weep upon the pitiful scene
In a soft drizzle 
While the granite hill
Closer to the assembled did gather
At their hour of sadness
In solidarity unvoiced with the suffering
As golden rays most tender from the great sun above
Did bathe the grieving in a gentlesome light of hope
Abounding in myriad consolations celestial

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by sheenadot on Pixabay 

“The night was the colour of tar” #poem #poetry #verse

The night was the colour of tar 
It gleamed and glistened 
Amid a riot 
Of bright stars a’glitter 
As white as diamonds a’sparkle 
And a silent breeze 
Cold as ice 
Bitter as tears of woe
Merciless as grief 
Stalked the night 
As it roamed the land
Sweeping unseen
Through the sleeping hamlet
That edged the deserted shore
From the foaming of the seas unprotected
As they danced to the tune
Of the gasps and stirrings a’wheezing 
That roamed the beach
A’gathering speed
By neither mountain nor forest much challenged
At the very bidding of the easterly winds

~d.a.simpson ~

Image by Bru-nO from Pixabay

“The bright light ” #poem #poetry #verse

The bright light of dawn 
Washed away the darkness of night 
As from the east it did gloriously sweep 
And like the riotous colours of spring 
At the end of winter 
Upon the slumbering world serene 
The great star of day ebullient 
Now did verily burst
From below the dark circle 
Of a horizon in deep lilac
That edged the realm at repose 
Until the mighty golden orb a’blazing
Did shine high in the lofty skies 
As the silent hours 
Of a velvet night in indigo
Yielded without protest
Beneath the strengthening rays
A’beaming across the vast skyscape
As the nightsky melted away 
Into the fathomless depths 
Of the cosmos infinite 
Another realm to rule awhile 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by jplenio from Pixabay