“As the sky flushed its final blush of day” #poem #poetry #verse

As the sky flushed its final blush of day 
In hues of peach and salmon pink 
Aglow with melodies of apricot and amber 
Above a lagoon of gilded waters metallic 
The vast bowl of liquid gold molten 
A’shimmered in the implausible flare 
Of the dying sun a’waning
As it mirrored the glories sublime 
Aflame high in the sunscaped firmament 
While echoes of the extravagant palette of sunset 
Carpeted in soft hued saffron
The rolling hills of serenity and grace
As they rose from patchwork fields
Daubed with rays of copper 
From the great firmament descended
While the unutterable glory 
Of the great star of day
Cast its dying light of blazing incandescence 
In myriad blandishments innumerable 
Upon the tranquil realm 
In the final moments of dusk
As the evening light by degrees 
To darkness did humbly yield and succumb 
Afore nightfall itself did the scene adorn awhile 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:  Lena Khrupina from Pexels

“A golden haze” #poem #poetry #verse

A golden haze autumnal 
Settled upon the realm 
It shimmered above a serene copse 
Whose lofty treetops 
Pierced the gilded shroud 
Which clothed the pastoral scene
In raiments of saffron
As it basked in the cordial welcome 
Of a halcyon valley 
Below tranquil hills 
Robed in yellow gorse 
As majestically they rose 
T’ward the hazy firmament 
By the banks of a stream a’sparkling
That cut a golden swathe a’gleaming 
Through buttercup and dandelion fields 
Edged by ancient oak trees ancient imposing 
Clothed in leaves of amber and copper
And lined by honey coloured hedgerows 
In the placid idyll elysian
Attired resplendent in garments flaxen
As the year to a close did inexorably draw

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Jack B on Unsplash 

“In a remote province” #poem #poetry #verse

In a remote province 
Above yonder distant hills 
There blazed a fire in the sky 
Of mesmerising luminescence 
That verily coruscated in flames of crimson 
Whose rays flared unabashed 
Across the firmament entire 
Beyond the precipitous escarpment 
In burnt sienna 
That rose high in the lofty heavens
From the golden sands
That edged the waters of the sea
A’gleaming a deep vermillion
As its myriad waves verily did dance
Beneath the fiery celestial dome 
In the final pyrotechnic gasp
Of the closing moments of the dying day
As a nightfall in indigo adorned
Nudged at the departing sun
And its radiant cohort
Part request part insistence
The rubescent arena for to depart 
At the hour of dusk                                          

 ~d.a.simpson ~

Image: Jason Bkackeye from Unsplash 

“The nascent dawn” #poem #poetry #verse

The nascent dawn 
Emitted a golden aura gentlesome 
As above the buttercup fields it nudged 
Myriad rays a-scattering 
Of soft hued sunshine 
In the alpenglow
Of early morning 
For to cast a row of haloes a-shimmering
That glowed a pale gold upon the treetops
As they lined the path
Verily a-glitter with sparkling dew  
That into yonder woods did lead 
Where danced a dappled light of yellow
Flickering amid the darkness impenetrable 
Dispelling its shadows 
As the emerging daystar 
Pallid and a-gleam like a great pearl 
Resplendent now did rise 
From the vestiges of slumber nocturnal 
Its full splendour majestic 
Upon the wakening realm
For to most lavishly bestow                       

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Todd Trapani from Pexels 

“Magenta glowed the evening sea” #poem #poetry #verse

Magenta glowed the evening sea 
Catching the glow 
Of a sunset sky 
Awash with swirls 
Of incandescence radiant 
In the lambency crepuscular 
As it basked
In the fuschia luminescent 
From the shimmering daystar
A’wearying much now
As it faded and waned 
Far in the distant westerly reaches
Of the great celestial dome 
And sank low in the effulgent heavens
Tinged with hues of mourning
As veils of ashgrey
Edged with lilac 
Hung loosely draped
Amid stripes in mulberry sombre 
Across the skyscape resplendent 
As it blazed a sudden finale unexpected 
Of renewed vigour luminiferous 
While it dipped hesitant into the brine 
Uncertain of its next manoeuvre 
Then yielding to fatigue overwhelming 
Into the waters it sank resigned 
And suddenly vanished beneath the waves
That flushed a deep heliotrope triumphant 
As the curtain of night all a’draping
Upon the closing scene of day descended

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

“Mountain peaks” #poem #poetry #verse

Mountain peaks reach for the waxing moon 
Spear the vast skies interminable 
With their jutting fingers insistent 
High the vast lofty emptiness 
Emperors of the highest heights all
The great orb magnificent 
Now to their peaks does closer draw
For their supplications to collect
On the whispers a’fleeting
Of the fast moving clouds of brilliant white
A’thrumming across the firmament of dazzling blue
As through the heavens
They power their way
To the drumbeat of the captain 
At the helm of these great galleons a’billowing
From wisps of dew ethereal formed
A’swirl across the earth entire 
On their quest relentless 
In search of ports of sanctuary and stillness 
Upon their endless voyage 
Around the expanse celestial 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by Gianluca Grisenti from Pexels

“The great thunderbolt” #poem #poetry #verse.

The great thunderbolt 
Blasts through the very firmament 
Rending it mightily in half 
Tearing open the taut canvas 
That covers the lofty ceiling above the world 
With a colossal flash of blinding light
That stuns all into submission
As it immobilises the myriad creatures
That within the earthly kingdom do dwell
For to scatter rock hard bullets 
Of ice cold rain from its arsenal of clouds
And fist sized hailstones
Upon the entire realm below 
Battering it into submission
Breaking the spirit of the living 
And the beams of their dwellings
Flattening their trees and crops
And laying waste the land entire
Flooding it with enemy ammunition
For to appease the ferocious east wind
With murmurs menacing
A gathering upon the very frontiers
Twixt this earthly realm 
And the celestial heights endless
For even the fighting force consummate
Plentifully equipped with the weaponry 
Of the machinery of warfare
In downpours torrential 
From teeming sheets of precipitation incessant
Of the entire fleet of the rainstorms tempestuous
Verily do fear the might unremitting 
Of the merciless monster 
From yonder horizon most easterly 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

“The death of the day” #poem #poetry #verse

The death of the day 
Does the soul much burden 
With weighty grief most onerous 
And a melancholy dolorous the heart does invade 
Overwrought does the spirit grow
As another day
T’ward its end inevitable
Does irrevocably near
A sense of peace
That all understanding does exceed
Upon the soul 
Ever onward from early dawn 
To rest does come
A peace which now is to be adieu bid 
For now this very day
This most unique day
Unlike any other 
And yet so like all others 
On the wane now is
Never again to be lived nor loved 
Thus there is a sadness mournful inconsolable 
That description lachrymose does defy
At the assured death imminent 
Even the death
Of one mere twenty four hour period
Among very many

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tadej Skofic on Unsplash 

“The icy brute” #poem #poetry #verse

The icy brute raced through streets and towns 
Entering houses without invitation 
Penetrating the rooms 
Of sanctuary and safety 
Sending men for warmth and rescue
A’scurrying like mice a’feared
All a’scuttle in a frenzy 
Desperately searching for relief 
From the ravages 
Of the bestial wind from the east 
Its terrors having achieved 
It tore out into the desolate highways and byways
Where into feeble frames it drilled 
Slicing men in half
Piercing their hearts 
And scouring their very souls 
Tearing out all lingering vestiges of morale
Of hope
Of strength 
Stinging the faces of its victims 
Leaving them flayed and reddened 
With eyes smarting and a’streaming
Weeping with pain 
Till at last its iron grip upon the realm 
It released awhile
Until with renewed resolve zealous
It returned further afflictions to inflict 
Again and again upon the land 
Through endless eternities interminable 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Anni Roenkae on Pexels 

“The final rays of evening sun” #poem #poetry #verse

The final rays of evening sun 
Scattered a screen in pale hues of saffron 
Over the tranquil waters 
That glowed a deep amber 
In the crepuscular light
And as the day drew nearer to its own demise 
It cast over the surroundings a sorrowful veil in lilac
As if to shield the realm
From the grief that much afflicted
The mortal day
Grief for a life lost
A parting of bittersweet sorrow
The joys and mirth of the hours
Still echoing in the corridors of fading daylight 
Mixed now with tears of grief
As the sepulchre awaited patient 
Upon the deep indigo line 
That separated the firmament from the benthic deep
Clad in funereal garb
While granite clouds low on the horizon
Waiting sombre and silent 
Dignified and pensive
Lined the edge of the scene
As undertakers flanked by mourners
In their weeds
A weeping into the ether
Cloaked in dignity resplendent in a dignified slate grey
Their tears of woe dropping softly
Into the vast ocean a sorrowing 
Then in the blink of an eye
The world darkened sudden
As a distant bell tolled
And the day to its sepulchral end 
Beneath the thin veil that separates life from death
Out of this life sank
Into the great new dawn
Of a new nascent life to emerge 
As the undertakers drew close 
Their grave task for to commence 
And a dark shroud covered the death scene

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by geralt from Pixabay