‘Strands of lilac and salmon pink’

Strands of lilac and salmon pink 
waft in ribbons across the sky 
For to bid a final adieu 
to the scant remains of a dusk 
From a forgotten yesterday 

That linger melancholic awhile 
reluctant the scene to relinquish 

As a dying sun 
melts into the liquid darkness 
Where abides an unseen abyss 
below a distant horizon 
Which edges the inky sea 

While in the east 
a moon of chalk white
Materialises in glorious majesty
amid a retinue of stars 
lost in a violet sky
That characterises the hour of dreams

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: MilanLA on Pixabay 

‘A sublime orb’

A sublime orb 
of a serene evenfall  

Mystical heavenly light 
silent enigma celestial 
of legend and fable 
As old as time itself 

Which abides in dreams 
and pervades the visions 
Of those who dwell upon earth

Dangled aloft in the firmament 
when the shadows of day had lengthened

Lustrous pearl a’shimmer 
‘gainst a sheet of indigo 
Studded with a million stars of diamond white

It cast a pale glow 
that seeped across the heavens 

After day to night had turned
and the shroud of midnight 
Drifted like a gentle breeze
across a slumbering realm
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

‘In the silent darkness’

In the silent darkness of a velvet night
Indistinct shadows
ephemeral entities from another world
Float amid the tranquility
that pervades a remote forest
Where the trees dwell
in a perpetual glory of emerald green

Wreathed in a scented mist
borne on the dreams
Of those who slumber and dream
in a far realm of reverie and visions

As their boughs they raise
in supplication serene
To’ard yon celestial canopy exalted
that arches over the wooded idyll
Beneath infinite heavens
which abound in a flawless sky
of midnight black
That prevails in the exalted solitude
of the deserted scene
Lost in the enigma of an endless cosmos
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image : Egor Kamelev

‘A charcoal sky’

A charcoal sky 
of enigmatic beauty 
Graced the star studded firmament 

As it stretched a taut sheet 
through the impassive emptiness 
And beheld by the silent beauty 
of an ivory moon 

Which sought obscurity  
behind a veil of ethereal mist
That stole across the serene heavens 

For to follow after the shadows 
that roamed amid the trees of green
which covered the face of the earth 

And fled in the wake 
of the departing kingdom of night 
At the hour of daybreak

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: geralt on Pixabay 

‘A crimson sky’ #poem #poetry #writing

A crimson sky 
stained by the setting sun 
Graced the evening 

As a bank of clouds 
garbed in the hue of dusk 
Hovered over a strip of salmon pink 
that rested upon the horizon 
When the sun set in the western heavens

And the lambent light 
of the dying glory 
By the departing daytide claimed
dwindled in the crepuscular firmament 

For to yield to the looming darkness 
which encroached upon the scape
At the approach of a sublime nightfall 
cloaked in the velvet indigo 
Of the midnight hour impending 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

‘The shadows were long’

The shadows were long 
one early morn 
‘Ere the great star of day 
from the moribund darkness 
Had emerged 

Where at the horizon 
it a’hovered and a’lingered awhile 
recumbent upon a pillow of nightcloud 
Roused from the sublime delights 
of an erstwhile slumber 

Now with a reluctance overcome
the pleasures of a vanishing nighttide 
With much regret to relinquish 

As the cool air of the nascent dawn
an austere chill did send 
For to blow across the empty scape 
of the deserted beach 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pexels on Pixabay 

‘A crescent moon of diamond white’

A crescent moon of diamond white 
inclined its enigmatic countenance 
To’ard its sole companion 
at the verspertine hour 

That north star of much renown 
which glistered aloft in the cold crisp air 
Pervading the empyrean expanse 
one sublime night incipient 

Amid the darkening ceiling 
of the vaulted ev’ntide dome 
Arrayed in shimmering attire
of sapphire blue
That quivered in the cool chambers
of a nascent midnight

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: stock photo from Shutterstock 

‘The sea was a dark green’

The sea was a dark green 
As it lapped at the edge 
Of an indistinct horizon 
Beneath a mottled sky 
A’smeared with blotches of granite gray 

Like the spectral breaths 
Of the long forgotten souls 
From a bygone yesteryear

While a bank of clouds
Dappled by disconsolation
In a hue of regret
Hovered above the land
Besmirched by the whispered sorrows
Rising from the souls of the living 

Who abided in a destitute dominion 
Defiled by hopes relinquished 
Vanished in the forlorn mists
Of an erstwhile utopian realm
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: haidangnb992 on Pixabay 

‘The setting sun’

The setting sun 
fulmunated in the empty 
high above the benthic deep 

Where the seas 
shimmered in the lambent light 
Of a crimson sunset 

As the star of day 
beset by weariness 
Induced by the  trials 
of a toilsome arduous daytide 

Descended the scape 
languid and subdued 

For to dip its blazing fires 
into the cool waters 
That lapped at the feet 
of a firmament 
Darkened by the fury 
of a smouldering dusk 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: geralt on Pixabay 

‘A suggestion of dawn’

A suggestion of dawn 
ruffled the waters that lapped at the horizon 

As a pale light encroached upon the realm 
and consumed the remains of a midnight 
that fled the skies 
Which lingered awhile at the fringe of the arena 
amid the lambency of daybreak 

When a nascent dayhour 
emerged from beyond the hills 
Attired in a diaphanous hue 
of alabaster white 
And crept along the edge of the scape 
where the sky encounters the sea 
As the great daystar materialised in the east

Where in sublime splendour it arose
in a glory of shimmering saffron adorned
And ascended the infinite heavens 
in exalted majesty
Its throne for to assume 
aloft in the celestial heights
~ d.a.simpson ~

 Image: fietzfotos on Pixabay