Beneath the deserted skies

Beneath the deserted skies 
of a impenetrable indigo 
Where the night hour abides awhile 
and the brume roams free 

The scant remaining leaves 
of a perished yestertide 
Cling to trembling boughs 

As shadows insubstantial 
by another dominion yielded 
Wrap around the trees

And a thin mist skims the fallen foliage
carpeting the forest floor

An epitaph to a perishing yesteryear 

While the murmurs of a fading midnight 
echo tween the sylvan columns 
Coated in the dew of an incipient dawn
issued by the gasps of a dying night
And borne on the wings of the nascent morn

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: geralt on Pixabay

The darkness of night

The darkness of night 
hailed from beneath yonder seas 
Where the horizon 
inked a line of indigo blue 
‘tween heav’n and earth 

And a sorrowful song 
began to pervade an ethereal mist 
A’drifting through the despond 
of an eventide scape
Where trees edging deserted fields
displayed great boughs
Etched in ebony black
‘gainst the backdrop of a nocturnal velvet 
that characterised this mournful scene

While murmurs of lachrymose lament
from some insubstantial realm
Came to waft through the brume
beneath the infinite opulence 
of an impassive firmament 
Cloaked in a violet midnight 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FreeFunArt on Pixabay 

The limpid waters

The limpid waters 
frolicked in the evening light 
and lapped at the foothills 
edging the heavens 
Where the horizon 
hemmed the surface of the deep 
as it turned to indigo 
beneath a mountainous sky 

A sky of impenetrable darkness 
which brooded over the slumbering realm
As the seas assumed a metallic lustre 
shimmering in emerald green 
In the light of an ivory moon 
dangling low in the midnight firmament 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Willgard on Pixabay 

A cloudline

A cloudline stained blue 
by an echo of daytide skies 

In a sea of pale mauve 
awash with hues of salmon pink 
aloft in the heavens 

Arches over rolling hills 
bathed in emerald green
Where hedgerows line the patchwork fields 
in the lambent light
of a sublime dusk

When the air is cool
as a gentle breeze wafts over the land 
And pale shadows of night
gather at the far edge of the firmament 
While a chalk white moon 
ascends the celestial walls
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

The stars in the night sky

The stars in the night sky 
hold the obituaries 
of myriad moments 

Each epitaph 
inscribed upon a diamond white speck 

Etched aloft in the heavenly heights 
‘gainst the velvet sheet 
of a violet midnight 
Harvested by the orb of day
and scattered across an infinite expanse 
of powder blue 
From dawn until the hour of dusk 

Then writ in bands of lilac and salmon pink 
at the setting of the sun

Testimonies a many 
displayed across the celestial canvas 
That captures tales of the spirits 
who dwell but awhile 
Amid the land of the living 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

Silently fell the hour of night

Silently fell the hour of night 
upon the tranquil scene 

Silent as dust 
settling in a deserted castle 

It came to rest amid a moonlit realm 
immersed in the enigma 
of a velvet darkness 
Shrouding the land 
with the veil of midnight

And a serene stillness abounded 

As a million stars
of diamond white 
glistered like jewels
Strewn across the indigo sheet
in the inkiness of a sublime nightfall 

While the flawless surface 
of a crystalline lake
Shimmered beneath the infinite opulence 
gracing the celestial emptiness 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay taken from Pexels 

A violet light

A violet light 
spilled onto the waters 
from high in the firmament 
Where the sun was a’setting 

As the blue sky of day 
swept away by opaque lilacs 
Burgeoned in a crepuscular lambency 
The great star of daytide 
shed an aura of pale orange 
that melded into a salmon pink
As it hovered above the horizon 
‘tween this hour and the realm of night 
upon its slow descent 
into the silent mysteries 
Beckoning from another dominion 

While aloft in the mountainous heights 
diaphanous clouds a many
Spread thin breaths of lavender 
throughout the expanse entire 
As the embers of a sublime dusk
blazed a final adieu
attired in a lachrymose hue
In the endless infinity unknowable 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: darius_garza on Pixabay 

A chalk white moon

A chalk white moon 
braved the steel grey 
a’brooding in the far heavens 
Where the eastern skies 
await the nascent orb of night 

It ascends the lofty walls 
amid a turmoil of leaden clouds 
Burgeoning at the foothills 
gracing the vaulted ceiling 
arched over the dominion 
When eventide falls

While a ruthless tempest brews 
high in an infinite firmament 
And hovers merciless 
above a hapless prey below

Until its hour of glory is come
to assail for a tide and a time 
The land of the living 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Prettysleepy on Pixabay 

‘A light’

A light of ethereal pallor 
spills across the waters 
Its milk white evanescence 
a transient brevity 
of spectral nebulosity 
Seeps through the opaque shroud 
cast by an evening mist 
Veiling the clifftops 

Lofty walls  
describing a semi circle
that reach the far shores of yon bay
Where waters softly lap

Beneath a midnight firmament 
bejewelled by myriad stars 
Lost in a violet infinity above

While the great orb of night
emerges from another reality 
for to ascend above the ink black line 
etched at the horizon 
As the benthic deep exults
amid the dark dormition 
Enfolding the realm awhile
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: TerriAnneAllen on Pixabay 

‘Clouds of cotton white’

Clouds of cotton white 
Brush the lofty blue 
They spread wisps of gauze across the vast expanse Gracing the heavenly canvas 

For to whisper 
Of an infinity upon infinity 
Beyond this mortal scape 
Far above the tranquil scene below 
Pervading myriad patchwork fields 
That carpet the land in hues of emerald green 

Where endless hedgerows 
Snake ‘tween the meadows

And lofty oak trees 
Exult in a gentle breeze
That stirs their leafy boughs 

While a gleaming river
Meanders amid the bucolic idyll

Gilded by a blazing sun of dazzling gold              

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tunis Tuğ on Pexels