“A sheet of metallic green hovers over the deep” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

A sheet of metallic green hovers over the deep 
Beneath a dark emerald sky 
That afflicts the era 
Of the midwinter most bleak 
While in the monumental vaulted dome 
High above the placid verdigris of the sea 
Whispers of cool vernal air 
Tousle the few remaining leaves 
Clinging determined to bare skeletal trees 
Redundant ornamentation these days 
Which line the forgotten wastelands 
Of the bejewelled riviera 
That with myriad crowds a chattering 
Did but yesteryear teem
As they inched their way 
Along the elegant promenade 
Now this deserted coastline 
Of all visitors does lie bereft
Its great masterpiece sublime
In watercolours depicted
Tragically unseen by all 
One enchantment of an eventide 
Upon this glittering sceptred bay
This sparkling diadem 
That crowns the elegant head 
Of a simple outpost insignificant
As it perches upon the shores of a tranquil ocean
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels 

“Late after nightfall” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writingcommunity

Late after the hour of nightfall 
While the prudent in their chambers 
Of their repose did take til the new morn 
Graveyard like lay the empty bridleway 
Lifeless stood the trees 
Bare of leaf in a silent forest 
Where no living creature ventured 
Inert was the night sky 
Expressionless and inscrutable of regard 
Devoid of sparkle from stars 
Empty of meteor or cosmic dust 
Absent of glow from a benign faced moon 
For to light the way below in the deserted kingdom
Impenetrable was the very night
Enticement ethereal its speciality this dark eventide 
Alluring and tempting in its mysteries enigmatic 
The night wanderer for to beckon and to summon
Into its cloisters unseeable
Amongst the mists that wheezed and whispered 
Of unseen worlds ephemeral 
Of altered realities unfathomable 
Rich in the unspoken wisdom of the ages
That abides in a realm to come 
Where all shall be restored at the last
Whence light perpetual shall the world entire illumine 
And the other world temporal 
Shall into nothingness vanish
As sudden as night into oblivion does fade
When very dawn itself dispels all darkness 
Whereupon it bathes the land with blandishments of radiant succour 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:.cocoparisienne on Pixabay 

“The husky bark” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #WritingCommunity

The husky bark 
Thrice asunder does rend the stillness of the night 
Its insistent message echoing across the land 
As the eerie scream otherworldly of a vixen 
An answer affirmative issues 
That pierces the tranquil serenity of nightide 
Like a visitation supernatural in a minor key 
Now it slowly fades 
Amidst the swirling mists 
As afar a distant fox picks up the cry
An awaited reply to his own voice unique 
The triple bark hoarse
A sound most distinctive
A call its territorial rights to establish
In the darkness of nighttime 
Soon an alarm bark is needed 
Cubs safe to keep
Their singular gekkering 
Either at play or a fighting
A howl wraithlike
Shudders through the dark
As a dread fear descends 
Upon all who are hid and a’watch
Amid the shadows one vernal eventide 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tomàš Malik on Pexels 

“A sea the colour of despair” #poem #poetry #verse #writers #WritingCommunity

A sea the colour of despair
Churned sands of sorrowful mien
Beneath cold steel sky
A’mottle with clouds of grubby countenance
One tempest filled day
As brute shards of icy rain merciless
Were upon the realm below pelted relentless
By the fury of the wintersome wind
When the a’feared all a tremble
Into their shelters did scurry
Deep within their sanctuaries
Shelter for to seek
Where reality and its perils
They could for a time deny
As they of happier days they did recount
Solace and consolation for to find
Amid the maze of illusion and denial
Which they created to repel the portent ominous
Of the celestial regard of granite
That did verily scowl at the world from on high
While the venturesome and the bold of heart
For the shore did hurriedly hasten
The majesty and beauty of nature in the raw to witness
As the story of a wintertide storm sublime
In all its extravagant drama unbridled
Burgeoned before their eager eyes delighted
And the glory of the unfolding tumult
They did gleefully observe and much relish
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Louise Hill (louhill) from Unsplash

“Like a spectre” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #writers #WritingCommunity

Like a spectre 
The spirit of winter roams the land 
A soul without form 
In search of its own self 
As among the bare branches 
Of the skeletal trees it searches 
Across the empty fields it wanders aimless 
Along the deserted beach it meanders 
Like a wraith from yonder veil impenetrable 
With neither form nor dimension 
A creature from the dominions ephemeral 
An entity without substance 
It knows neither its might nor its worth
Ignorant it is of its unique calling 
The magnificent power to put to slumber a realm entire
Of its welcome rest timely to partake
From the labours and exertions of earlier seasons 
‘Tis but as a shadow cast upon the surface of a world 
It comprehends not its actions 
Of cleansing and renewal immutable 
For upon the dormant kingdom 
Unawares does it this annual miracle perform
As with precision and diligence 
Its duties and burdens it does discharge
Companion and comrade true and faithful to the world entire 
This voiceless being invisible insubstantial  
Leaves its mark indelible 
As with a stoical spirit of humility 
And emptied of notions of self 
Its unique calling ever for to follow 
It harkens unwitting to the invisible voice enigmatic 
From beyond the opaque shroud 
And shivers in the breath of the unseeable unknown 
That to all their unique calling does apportion
For those who harken and obey willing
Until the close of the ages upon ages
When time and seasons no more shall matter
In the ever present continuous light of the eternity to come                                            
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Colin Watts (imagefactory) on Unsplash 

“Enchantment graced the realm” #poem #poetry #verse #Writers #WritingCommunity

Enchantment graced the realm 
Amid the plush darkness of night 
As it rejoiced and exulted 
Deep within the velvet recesses enigmatic 
Of purples and indigos 
Where shadows shimmered 
Beneath a starry heaven 
And dreams were dreamed 
Under the watchful regard 
Of the great orb nocturnal 
That adorned the darkness of nighttime 
As it observed the scene entire 
And glowed in hues of old gold 
High in the lofty vault of a monumental sky
One silent nighttide upon a deserted clifftop
Where the air is clean and cool
And the heart is much gladdened
For to a realm of tranquility serene
From another dimension indescribable 
Is the spirit transported awhile
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 12019 on Pixabay 

“The night to the skies did cling” #poem #poetry #verse #Writer #WritingCommunity

The night
To the skies did cling
Solace and sanctuary for to seek
As the chill breath of winter
About the realm did roam
For to scour the land
In the vernal silence
Succour to solicit
It scratched at the empty branches
And the trees shivered
In the brute cold air
While the day was still a slumber
As the hesitant sun lingered long
In the embrace of the distant horizon
Much reluctant the comfort and warmth
Of its bedchamber yet to leave
While the nighttide nocturnal
Its approaching demise considered
As toward its own end
It inexorably did edge
No hint of protest nor self pity
From the wearying inkiness did rise
As it observed yonder pale glow
Of the nascent morn
Burgeon low in the celestial firmament
~ d.a.simpson ~

Johannes Plenio (jplenio) on Unsplash

“A torrid turbulence” #poem #poetry #verse #Writer

A torrid turbulence beset the evening
As mists swirled and leaves blew amok one cold night
While fearsome frosts gathered at the edge of the kingdom
Their assault by stealth to commence
Slowly forth by degrees they did creep
Under the cloak of darkness when all were abed
And by morning they had besieged the whole world
When ’twas too late to rescind the invasion
As the realm was now but an icescape swathed in gelid mists
Where nought abided but ice and snow
Amid mountains cloaked in frost
That rose from valleys of hoarfrost
As an infinity of fields of rime and frozen lakes
Spread the length and breadth of the land
As a blanket of purest white crisp and clean
Across the scene entire did sweep

Frozen rain hung in the air
As blizzards blew in from the east
A lone seagull attired in white
Defied the lifeless stillness of the icescape
As it glided high in the firmament
While the austere heart of wintertide seethed and simmered
Beneath a stark blue sky of featureless countenance
That adopted a mien of disinterest
As it regarded the frigid expanse below
With a glacial detachment inscrutable
As a solitary cloud precocious bubbled at the horizon
And defaced awhile the perfection of the spotless firmament
Until a timely gust pursued it into oblivion
The tranquil serenity of the winterscape for to preserve
~ d.a.simpson ~

“A fine mist” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A fine mist 
Hovered amid the tall primaeval trees 
One tranquil night 
Shelter from the vernal cold for to seek 
Among the splendid trunks 
By slender boughs crowned 
That graced the opaque scene 
With a flawless elegance  
Redolent of a corps de ballet 
As they did gently sway 
To the strains harmonious 
Of a symphony ethereal
From a realm impenetrable 
Concealed from most
By the shadows of night
That delighted to meld
Into the nebular folds  
Of the misty shrouds
That clung to their oaken heroes
One enchanted eventide 
Beneath the pale countenance 
Of a gothic moon 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: DarkmoonArt_de

“The moonlit lake” #poem #poetry #verse #writing #WritingCommunity

The moonlit lake sighs 
One desolate night 
While a voice insistent 
From beyond the gates 
To this mortal coil 
Speaks to its limpid waters 
In words of consolation 
Of a solace enduring 
That amid earthly anguish and rigors emerges 
When serenity tranquil and forbearance impassive   
Pervade the very spirit
That is observed within the shadows of silence
As they roam tween yonder columns 
Of a myriad fragrant trees 
By veils of stoicism adorned 
And begowned like kings bejewelled 
In attire of emerald green 
Within the cool wooded cloisters 
Of a placid mountain forest
That leads into the distant mists 
Aswirl in the heights 
Which vanish into a world after world
And an eternity beyond all understanding 
Of an endless light undimmable 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 12019 on Pixabay