The Lake

the lake was a sheet of silver 
as smooth as glass 

while the skies above 
brooded impassive in granite a’billowing
as banks of cloud rolled in 
and boiled in the firmament 
lost in a suggestion of kingdoms upon kingdoms
abiding amid unfathomable dominions 
unseen by mere mortal souls 

far above the mountain range 
of slate grey regard
and inscrutable countenance 

wreathed in a haze of dusky mauve
gathered in a circle around the placid waters 
lapping at the foothills 
of the rocky alpine heights

which ascend into the depths 
of an endless infinity 
beyond the cosmic cauldron 
astir in the tempest 
a’raging in the celestial chambers 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: FrankWinkler on Pixabay 


as the cloak of heaven 
arches o’er the earthly realms 
and spreads a shimmering blue 
across the sunlit skies 
in the clear light of early morn 

a silver birch 
inclines its leafy boughs 
for to skim the emerald green 
of a grassy meadow

as it delights in the scent
of the cowslips and cornflowers
that carpet the scene
and waft across a scape 

fragrant in the gentle breeze
of a perfect day 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pavł Polø (pavlpolo_official) on Unsplash 

Lilac waters

Lilac waters 
sparkled on the surface 
of the benthic depths 
gracing a serene lagoon 
that exulted in the lambency of a dusk 

Emanating from the dying glory 
of a setting sun 
Set amid a canvas 
awash with hues of lavender and violet

While granite grey mountains
wreathed in a haze of powder blue
rose above the silence 
that pervaded the stillness 
abounding amid the deserted scape 
one enigmatic eventide 
Portrayed upon a canvas of twilight and shadows 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 12019 on Pixabay 

Skeletal branches

Skeletal branches 
of leaf devoid 
attired in the spectral light 
from a ghostly moon 
Cast as stark etchings 
in ebony black 
‘gainst the backdrop 
of an indigo sky 
Smothered in a gauze 
of wispy cloud 

Stretched moribund boughs
bony fingers barren of life 
far into yon benthic darkness 
For to scour the empyrean ceiling 
in search of scraps of solace 
from the febrile light
a’flicker amid diamond white stars 
Veiled by the vernal brume 
of an inscrutable midnight 
Abounding in the desolation
of a tenebrous firmament 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay 

Splashes of light

Splashes of light 
the colour of dusk 
daubed across the crepuscular skies 
Unfold in a swathe of golds and magentas 
at the setting of the daystar 

They reflect the glory of yonder blaze as the pageant fades to notes of salmon pink
Which merge with the lilac whispers 
pervading the celestial arena

For to herald the coming of nightide

When the blue of day recedes 
darkening to a deep sapphire 
That yields to the indigo of midnight 
engulfing the realm in the shroud of slumber

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image from Pixabay on Pexels 



Moonlight spilled onto the realm 
and scattered fragments of silvery light 
on the bare boughs of denuded trees 

Whose skeletal branches rose toward the heavens 
Silhouetted in ebony black 
‘gainst the impassive might of the lofty heavens 

Soft light from the moon 
cast a pale sheen on the lilac fields 
causing them to shimmer in the mists of evenfall 
As the midnight shadows roamed the tranquil scene 
pervading the stillness of the silent scape 

While the rolling hills of emerald green 
shrouded by the darkness of the hour 
in the hue of midnight 
Vanished into the distance 

While the lake nestling ‘tween the lofty heights 
rejoiced in the glow of the night orb
As it danced on the limpid surface 
that prevailed amid the placid waters
In the cool of the evening 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: rujhan_basir on Pixabay 

Light from a pale moon

Light from a pale moon 
casts a wash over the scene 

It bathes the violet sky of night 
in a diaphanous milk white 
That shimmers in the glow
of a million stars

Diamond white dots
in the flawless heavens 
And sharpened by the cool 
of the midnight air  
Which abounds amid the desolate realm

And in the silent darkness 
a gentle rain 
softly weeps upon the deserted scape 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay

The darkness of night

The darkness of night 
hailed from beneath yonder seas 
Where the horizon 
inked a line of indigo blue 
‘tween heav’n and earth 

And a sorrowful song 
began to pervade 
an ethereal mist 
A’drifting through the despond 
of the eventide scape

Where the trees edging the deserted fields
displayed great boughs
Etched in ebony black
‘gainst the backdrop of a nocturnal velvet 
that characterised this mournful scene

While the murmurs of a lachrymose lament
from some insubstantial realm
Came to waft through the brume
beneath the infinite opulence 
of an impassive firmament 
Cloaked in a violet midnight 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: PaulSchneider on Pixabay 

There was a gentle breeze

There was a gentle breeze 
that ev’ntide 
Which drifted o’er the deserted realm 
on the wings of a dusk 
in lachrymose hue attired 
Veiled in a lilac gauze and edged by petal pink

As a pale moon
etched upon the celestial canvas 
in a chalk white
Rose in yonder sky 

Discreet as a whisper 

Amid the cool mists
pervading marble cloisters 
in a realm of shadows 

While phantoms of nightfall 
hovered awhile 
Upon the crest of distant hills 
on the cusp of a silent evenfall 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: MilanLA on Pixabay 

Light from a cold moon

Light from a cold moon 
Spilled onto the surface of the lake 
And it glistened in the lambency 
Like shards of broken glass 

While the shadows from trees 
Rising from the lakeside 
Lay scattered across the expanse of inky depths 

Where the reeds gently swayed in the soft breeze
Beneath the benign glory 
By yon celestial lamp bestowed 

As the waters softly lapped at the deserted shore
Below serene heavens
Where a lofty sky coruscated in the glow
Cast by a million stars 
That studded the empyrean ceiling 
And melded into the milk white 
Of the lunar orb sublime
Which overcame the dark midnight 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: rujhan_basir on Pixabay