“The night stepped out” #poem #poetry #verse

The night stepped out 
Like a prima ballerina 
From the monumental shadows 
That reached the very heavens 
Concealed awhile 
Behind the great mountains of granite grey 
That separated the tranquil realm 
From the world outside 

And now ’twas the hour of nighttide 
When the darkness covered the benign pastoral scene With a canopy of star studded indigo fashioned 
And it set the great jewel of nighttime 
That enchanting orb pearlescent of much renown
High aloft in the firmament 

Above the natural boundary 
Formed by the rugged fortress 
Hewn into a mighty wall of lofty ridges
By the merciless of rains relentless
And gruesome gales grievous 
From the kingdom of ice inscrutable 
Into a glory of soaring escarpments a’towering
Of noble countenance benevolent 
That guarded the unspoilt idyll
From the merely curious 
As well as the malicious of ill intent pernicious 
Through the hours of slumber and rest 

Until a bright new dawn 
Bloomed resolute in the autoral east 
And the elegant night once more did retire 
Beyond the impassive elevation of stone 
Its repose restorative for to take awhile
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Grafixart_photo Samir BELHAMRA on Pexels 

“The night sang” #poem #poetry #verse

The night sang sorrowful lullabies 
Rich in words of mourning 
When the hour of midnight began to recede 
As in the east a nascent daybreak 
Ripened on the skyline 
And an incipient dawn hinted 
At the demise of nighttide 
While the condoling moon hearkened 
To the nocturnal air of lament lachrymose 
Rich in notes of poignancy and pathos 
As the pale disc glowed 
In hues pearlescent of sympathy 
That shimmered in the darkness 
And the benign orb drew near
For to console the sorrowing nighttime hour 
Much a weeping in a sky of deep violet 
Awash with a million stars
Which vanished far into yonder horizons
At the edge of very time 
And into the distant depths celestial 
As to indigo they did turn 
At the gates to a realm of an ethereal otherness 
Which exulted in an endless day 
Beyond all understanding 
That transcended the temporal world
Of fleeting realities ephemeral 
Where dark and light vied 
For to rule the veil of transient skies impermanent
That lay below the infinite cosmic eternity unfathomable 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

“The midnight hour” #poem #poetry #verse

When the midnight hour 
Ever nearer does draw 
A darkness profound 
Invades the realm 
For to denote the unfolding 
Of the great interlude circadian 
That imponderable mystery nocturnal 
An interval unfathomable 
Which since the dawn of time 
Has bestirred the visions of those who dream 
And pacified the souls of the weary

Now the night spreads a shroud of inky violet 
Over the world below 
And assumes its dark hue
The fatigued for to gather
As to the call to slumber 
They do harken
Whence amid the stillness
Deep within the recesses of their bedchambers
Upon their pillow 
Supine at last do they recline 
As abed they do repose awhile 
The call to dormition for to heed 
As a profound silence settles upon the realm 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Joakim Honkasalo (jhonkasalo) on Pixabay 

“The frigid night breathes” #poem #poetry #verse

The frigid night
Breathes its chill air upon the land 
The grim winter much determined 
Purses its mouth oh so grim 
For to keep in the cold 
That lingers awhile 
As the supremacy 
Of the vernal reign dwindles 

Now the days 
Do longer grow 
And the evenings 
Their hour of darkening do delay

While the very sun 
Ever earlier does rise 
With each new day a’dawning 
Riding gleesome
Aloft in the bright skies primaveral 
At the mighty crossroads 
To the seasons 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay on Pexels

“The aged vernal sky” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The aged vernal sky glowers 
And its countenance turns dark 
At the sight of the infant spring 
With its array of bright colours 
And twittering birds 
Hither and thither a rushing 

From its mighty throne 
Aloft in the vaulted ceiling celestial 
It stoops low in the firmament 
The small realm below to regard 
And with rage incandescent it simmers much

The hardness of its gaze 
Verily freezes the ground below 
Turning back the calendar to’ard winter awhile

Now with delight unbridled the sky looks on
As the insifignant creatures below
Embrace anew with a stoic resignation 
The return of times inclement
Of a fresh round of wintry storms 
By robust icy gales driven 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: kienvirak on Pixabay 

“A discreet sky” #poem #poetry #verse

A discreet sky 
Begarbed in modest attire 
Cast a lingering eye 
Upon the lowly hamlet tranquil 
That clung to the sweeping bay 
Shelter for to seek 
From the protective wall 
In hues of terracotta 
That graced the lofty cliffs 
As their escarpments 
Into the distant heavens did vanish 
Wreathed in shrouds 
Of mists from another realm 
That regarded with an empathetic mien
The modest dwellings 
Which lined the shore inconsequential 
With a tender gaze benign 
That betrayed a concern fond
For the tranquil innocence defenseless
Of this humble locale
‘Gainst storm and tempest much mismatched
And vowed to forever divert 
All turbulence empyreal malign 
From this placid idyll 
Its beauty serene for to conserve
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Dreamy_Photos on Pixabay 

“The granite walls” #poem #poetry #verse #WritingCommunity

The granite walls 
Of the impassive mountain range 
A fortress in the midst of nowhere 
Rose aloft into yonder heavens 

Rugged of heart 
And inscrutable of countenance 
Ever remain these silent monoliths 
Stoics each one 
And proficient in endurance 

They leaned into the pale rays
Of a thin sun of diaphanous gauze
As its warming flames auroral 
Did flicker about their cold escarpments 
For them to warm and to restore 
In the brute cold of a vernal night
As it hovered patient 
At the edge of the horizon 
Where it awaited the clarion call from on high
For to denote the changeover diurnal 
When darkness to light does turn
And slumber is forgot awhile
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Sagui Andrea on Pexels 

“A hint of pale gold” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A hint of pale gold 
Pierced the dark blue 
Of the dying night sky 
As it slowly ebbed with fatigue 
And did silently fade 
While lights of salmon pink 
Began to flicker at the horizon 
And danced upon the somnolent sea 
Where the gleaming waters 
Encountered the hem of heaven 
And soon flames of warm amber 
Emerged from the realm of shadows 
And flooded the firmament 
Unto the highest realms
Seeping into the ceiling of the dome
Where they melded 
Into hues of parchment and corn
Until the sheet of cerulean blue
Rose up from beyond the edge of the world 
A triumph of day over night
Light over darkness for to declare 
As it spread its canopy of azure 
Throughout the heavens entire
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Larisa-K on Pixabay

“The vernal realm” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The vernal realm 
Is ever graced 
By the unique stoicism 
Of grief disconsolate 
That bestows upon the countenance 
Of the sorrowing land 
A serenity lachrymose 
Which pervades among the stillness of winter 

While for a time 
Bereft does the winterland remain 
As a sorrow most grievous 
Existence entire afflicts 
While the land slumbers deep
As the shadow of death 
Across the face of the earth does silently glide
Its spoils for to gather 
Its prey for to reap
Until its task most grim is done 
During the days of woe
In a land of lament and grieving 
Where the mourning endlessly bow and sway 
Like the skeletal trees a myriad
Whose denuded branches
Starkly etched against a pale firmament 
Struggle much in the unyielding cold relentless 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: MabelAmber on Pixabay 

“The pure clean light” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The pure clean light 
Of an early dawn 
Bleached the veil of the auroral sky 
In a miracle of brilliant white 
As a smattering of clouds in pale ivory 
Upon yonder far horizon did billow 
And the scene entire was subsumed 
Into the great vastness 
Of the endless firmament exalted 
As into the limitless infinity it did merge 
That graces this mortal reality temporal 
By transitory woes and trials oft beset 
With the promise of an endless eternity 
In the foretokens beneficient
And auspices heartening 
That can ever be seen 
In the glory of the early morning skies 
As the whole world they do adorn 
With a gilded glow a’gleaming 
That from the celestial heavens does emanate
For to dispel very darkness itself
With a radiance transcendent 
That never shall be dimmed
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image from Pexels on Pixabay