“A dry stone wall” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A dry stone wall 
Fashioned from granite boulders 
Flung about the land 
By a seismic eruption in distant ages past 
Edged a tranquil field of barley 
And as the wall receded into yonder distance 
It crouched low under the lofty skies 
For to ascend the gentle incline of a barren hill 
Where countless further walls 
Graced an infinite patchwork 
Of greens and golds and browns
As far as the eye could see 
And the very heart could desire 
While the sublime pastorale entire 
Rejoiced amid the enchantments
Of this tableau picturesque 
Edged by graceful hedgerows 
That lined a myriad winding lanes
Which ran through the realm like streams 
Beneath the celestial expanse benign 
As it watched over this blessèd rural idyll

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: TimHilll on Pixabay

“A winter’s day” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A winter’s day 
As bland as it was mediocre 
On a journey to nowhere 
To a place of bleakness 
Where there is neither sorrow nor joy 
Nor anything in between 
Was much disturbed and troubled
By prospect of the endless hours
That lay ahead 
Each one without hope or reprieve 
Like an long empty road in the drizzle 
And the sense of dread despond 
Mightily increased all about
Magnified by the ennui du jour
That spoke of a drear banality of things
Of promise and cheer devoid 
Along the dolorous path  
That all who dwell upon earth 
Do in some measure eventually travel  
For a season

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: prettysleepy1 Pixabay 

“A horde of trees” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A horde of trees 
Silent and proud 
Robust of heart 
And resolute of resolve 
Moved as one solid phalanx impregnable 
In perfect formation flawless 
Fit for inspection 
By an unforgiving despot unyielding 
To’ard the ethereal empire nefarious 
Of a mystery of mists miasmal
By very stealth for to encroach 
Upon the army advancing
United of intent most duplicitous 
For to verily deceive 
Upon the unsuspecting swirls malfeasant
That around the realm 
Did merrily cavort
Confusing and befuddling their chosen victim 
With their artistry and flair 
In the things intangible indistinct 
Their very speciality 
In a world of fog and brume 
And hazy vapours nebulous and murksome
That feed upon the affliction 
Of the weary and the weak
As this way and that 
Did they float and spin 
For to confuse and confound their hapless prey
And slithered with little care 
For the trembling and the stumbling 
As the stoical muscular trees
Rich in fortitude and wisdom 
Wordlessly seethed 
At the imminent dread terror callous
That was upon the land to be wreaked
Thus united of purpose did they hearken 
To the unseeable voice 
That ever commands all 
Who upon this mortal coil temporary do dwell 
Who to them did now urgently speak most stern
With instruction explicit 
To stand unbowed and indomitable 
For to confuse and defeat 
The miscreant mists inclement 
Disturbing their partying riotous 
Defeating their merriment scandalous 
Scattering their intentions dishonourable
Them for to speed afar and away
Upon the very breeze
That brought forth these malevolent malefactors 
Disturbers of the peace proficient 
Very scourge 
Of tranquil wintertide nights enchanted 
And as a flurry insubstantial 
Like a will-o’-the wisp most delicate 
Here one moment 
Gone in a breath the next
The shamefaced troublemakers 
Now scuttled and scurried all about 
In a quandary of culpability 
Departing post haste 
The sorrowful scene of despond 
As away with a swish and a hiss 
They did flounce
Their next wretch defenseless 
For to tyrannize and harass awhile 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos on Pixabay 

“Night fell” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

Night fell 
As silent as mist 
The light faded to nothing 
And from its cares and travails 
The realm did rest awhile 
As a thin drizzle 
From somewhere on high did seep
Into the gloom impenetrable 
Not a soul was about 
All was quiet and still
And now the dark realm inscrutable 
Took on a character of its own
Amid the softly falling rain 
That among the trees did hover 
A lustre to their boughs for to impart 
So that they verily shone and glistened
Like highly polished wood 
Gracing the palace of a king
In the pale light of a distant moon
As it glowed a hue of opalescent silver
Aloft in the impassive darkness 
That blanketed the slumbering world below 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Simon Matzinger on Pexels 

“The burnt sky” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The burnt sky 
Of red ochre 
Pursued the vast orb of fire 
High above the realm 
Scattering in its wake 
A stream of glories in scarlet and vermilion 
That fanned out from the palette of flames
As it glowed in the skies
And graced the waters below
With shimmering rubescence
Upon a sea of molten cornelian
While the ferruginous cliffs
Gleamed in the evening light
Like burning embers
As steeply upward 
To’ard the fiery firmament they did rise   
From the sandy beach below
Bathed in tones of rust 
Afore the sombre hues of night
In full majestic splendour 
Dispelled the crepuscular extravaganza
The hour of slumber in indigo for to establish 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:  AdinaVoicu on Pixabay 

“The crashing of the waves” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The crashing of the waves
Pummels the sandy beach
And blasts the granite rocks
As the spray swamps the realm
And into the watery cauldron of boiling fury
A solitary walker entices
With a yearning for to plunge
Into the heart of the turmoil
Maybe never to return
Forever into a watery grave to be engulfed
An ending they shrink not from
For the power and might
Of the magnetic force irresistible
From the two elements primordial emanating
Stirred into a frenzy by the troublemaking wind
Beneath inscrutable skies
Where hovered low a vast moon
That the scene doth regard
With its enigmatic countenance inscrutable
And a sense indescribable of bliss and peace
The human heart with waves ever increasing does befriend
As the spirit yearns for to be slayed by the great watery dragon
That beguilingly cavorts and froths
Bathed in the spectral light during a king tide sublime

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pawel Kalinski on Pexels

“The deserted mountain” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The deserted mountain 
By emerald green a’carpeted 
Soared high into the lofty heights 
Above a distant realm 
Of patchwork fields in miniature 
Traversed by a silver stream 
As its barren rooftop of granite 
Vanished deep into the swirling mists
That teased the bright blue of the skies
With their swirls a myriad 
By an ever changing restlessness possessed 
This way and that a sliding 
Like oil on water
As in the sky they danced
Gracefully twirling and pirouetting 
Then hither and thither 
All about verily darting 
Amid whistling winds a piercing 
Around the mountain top a racing 
Desolating the tranquillity 
Of the placid rural idyll untrammelled

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: 12019 from Pixabay 

“The waters of the seas are stilled” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

The waters of the seas are stilled 
And the serene moon 
Casts its benign regard 
Over the placid scene below 
Dispensing blandishments 
Upon the seascape entire 
Bathing the monumental walls that grace the red cliffs
In an albedo opalescent 
That illuminates the hilltops in hues of silver
Adorning with a halo
The heights that overlook the bejewelled bay
And flooding the length of the sandy beach 
With a myriad lights pearlescent  
As it glisters with joy unbounded 
Beneath the sublime blessings celestial 
While the smooth surface of the deep
Basks in the light of pale cream 
By the mighty star of night bestowed 
Upon the tranquil realm untroubled 
One blessed eventide
~d.a.simpson ~

Image: photo-graphe from Pixabay 

“A feral shriek” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

A feral shriek 
That emanated from some vulpine throat 
Within the shrouds of winter concealed 
Did rent in two 
The eerie stillness of the night 
A shudder and a shiver involuntary 
In the living it did cause 
As two orbs of glowing amber 
Burned through the mist 
Their searing gaze never wavering 
In the depths of gloom they did coruscate
With a watchful regard
Rich in menace and cunning 
Amid a fine featured face inscrutable 
Crowned by a tell tale pair of pointed ears
That stood proud in the brume
Then suddenly the sleek body was gone
Slinking away into the shadows indistinct 
From whence it had come 
Its nefarious noctural intent for to pursue
Shielded by the cloak of darkness 
That pervaded the vernal realm 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Camera-man on Pixabay 

“Veils of finest silver filigree” #poem #poetry #verse

Veils of finest silver filigree 
And sheets of ivory lace 
Adorn the wintertide realm 
At the behest of the evening fog 
Under the star strewn winter sky 
As strains of a string orchestra distant 
For a repertoire of airs melancholic famed
Sorrowful melodies from ages past 
Across the cool night do float
There is an honesty unequivocal about the coldness vernal 
After the daylight hours have wearied 
That binds wounds by secret griefs inflicted
Soothing the aching spirit in this valley of weeping 
As the hours of night do cooler grow 
Upon their progress relentless
When fortifications and walls of cold abound 
Built icy brick by icy cold brick 
Upon the woes of a soul harrowed
Familiar with sorrows and losses upon this earthly voyage
And a strength that nurtures and sustains the failing spirit 
Now increases in the heart of the afflicted 
Until better days all sorrowing shall dispel
E’en though such times as these
Perchance not until the hereafter shall enjoyed be
Beyond that renowned final gate earthly
That out of this world temporal mercifully does lead

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image by AidaKhubaeva on Pixabay