‘A crescent moon of diamond white’

A crescent moon of diamond white 
inclined its enigmatic countenance 
To’ard its sole companion 
at the verspertine hour 

That north star of much renown 
which glistered aloft in the cold crisp air 
Pervading the empyrean expanse 
one sublime night incipient 

Amid the darkening ceiling 
of the vaulted ev’ntide dome 
Arrayed in shimmering attire
of sapphire blue
That quivered in the cool chambers
of a nascent midnight

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: stock photo from Shutterstock 

‘The sea was a dark green’

The sea was a dark green 
As it lapped at the edge 
Of an indistinct horizon 
Beneath a mottled sky 
A’smeared with blotches of granite gray 

Like the spectral breaths 
Of the long forgotten souls 
From a bygone yesteryear

While a bank of clouds
Dappled by disconsolation
In a hue of regret
Hovered above the land
Besmirched by the whispered sorrows
Rising from the souls of the living 

Who abided in a destitute dominion 
Defiled by hopes relinquished 
Vanished in the forlorn mists
Of an erstwhile utopian realm
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: haidangnb992 on Pixabay 

‘The setting sun’

The setting sun 
fulmunated in the empty 
high above the benthic deep 

Where the seas 
shimmered in the lambent light 
Of a crimson sunset 

As the star of day 
beset by weariness 
Induced by the  trials 
of a toilsome arduous daytide 

Descended the scape 
languid and subdued 

For to dip its blazing fires 
into the cool waters 
That lapped at the feet 
of a firmament 
Darkened by the fury 
of a smouldering dusk 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: geralt on Pixabay 

‘A suggestion of dawn’

A suggestion of dawn 
ruffled the waters that lapped at the horizon 

As a pale light encroached upon the realm 
and consumed the remains of a midnight 
that fled the skies 
Which lingered awhile at the fringe of the arena 
amid the lambency of daybreak 

When a nascent dayhour 
emerged from beyond the hills 
Attired in a diaphanous hue 
of alabaster white 
And crept along the edge of the scape 
where the sky encounters the sea 
As the great daystar materialised in the east

Where in sublime splendour it arose
in a glory of shimmering saffron adorned
And ascended the infinite heavens 
in exalted majesty
Its throne for to assume 
aloft in the celestial heights
~ d.a.simpson ~

 Image: fietzfotos on Pixabay 

‘The mists of dawn’

The mists of dawn 
borne on the wings of the nascent day 
Hail from dimensions of an infinity 
beyond our mortal ken 

They skim the edge of the waking world 
that skirts the realm 
upon yon horizon 

As it draws a line of indigo blue 
where the sleeping seas 
Encounter the empyrean heights 
which vanish into the eternal sanctuary 

Source of all that abides 
within this mortal coil awhile
’til that last day foretold of old
When creation entire
shall be inspirited to journey
Beyond the opaque veil
into the presence 
of the light unknowable 
That ne’er quivers nor wanes 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Александр Максин on Pexels 

‘A livid blush’

A livid blush bloomed aloft 
in a wash of lavender and lilac 
As it swept through the heavens 

Where the setting sun 
gloried in a blaze of crimson 
For to begin its descent 
into the silent mystery 
of the tranquil seas 

Which serenaded the skies 
in a lullaby of deep magenta

Where a horizon of inky mauve 
parted the unfathomable serenity
That pervaded the benthic realms 
of an unseen bliss beyond bliss 
From the coruscating flush 
a’flower amid the vast empyrean ceiling 

When the hour of dusk 
consumed the celestial expanse 
As it abounded in a shimmer 
of coruscating fuchsia 

And time stood still                                                   
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Free-Photos from Pixabay 

‘A moon of ivory’

A moon of ivory 
‘Gainst vast skies etched 
Supine reclines 
Upon a canvas of indigo 

While a gentle breeze 
Innocuous now 
If only for a time and a time 
The treetops does caress 
As the hem of heaven it does skim 

‘Tis a humble whisper of a breeze
And belies the swirling winds
Of an earliertide 

When in a frenzy 
T’had spun the clouds a’billowing 
Into wisps of snowy white a’swirling 

As a million stars
Older than the very hills
Strewn across the midnight scape 
Of visions and dreams did a tell

From of a world of bliss beyond bliss
Far from this meagre mortal coil
This valley of fleeting shadows                                     
~ d.a.simpson ~ 

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay 

‘High above the silence’

High above the silence 
which adorns the deserted beach 
where tranquility abides 

The endless celestial canopy 
hails a gentle breeze 
That sweeps clean the very skies 
and enraptures the realm below 

As a pale sun 
abounds in the east 
For to lay claim to the dawn 
in glorious splendour sublime 
Wreathed in a shimmer of gold

Amid skies of flawless blue
that exult in a glory unsearchable 
Beyond the meagre understanding 
of a mortal world 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Quangpraha on Pixabay

“A sky of staggering beauty”

A sky of staggering beauty 
arches over the dominion below 

As gracious boughs of skeletal trees 
stark black ‘gainst the vernal heavens 
Stretch fingers of finest ebony 
far into the realm of midnight 

Where dreams and visions prevail 
amid the whispered mysteries 
that pervade the hours of darkness 

When a violet glory blooms awhile
in the nocturnal shadowlands 

While an opal moon
dispels the darkness 
And scatters its soft light
through the celestial scape 

Where a myriad stars rejoice 
amid the infinite opulence 
Of an endless firmament 
ever attired in perpetual tranquility 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image : geralt on Pixabay 

‘Twas an elegant night

‘Twas an elegant night 
That watched over the slumbering world 
One tranquil eventide 
Graced by a serene moon 
In pale cream attired 

Which ascended the wall of indigo 
In splendour and majesty 
Its royal throne for to assume 
Aloft in the heavenly scape 
Of a glorious midnight

When the skies were clear
And a myriad stars
Rejoiced in an endless celestial infinity 
High above an earthbound realm
of mists and shadows
While dreams and visions 
Pervaded the nighttide hour
In cloisters of languor and repose

Where solace and succour 
Revive the wearied of body and mind
And the sorrows and lament 
Evoked by the cares of this life are dismissed 

By the consolation of a benign midnight
That casts a soothing countenance 
Upon the sorrows and travails of the living 
For to bestow that mysterious balm 
Which ever soothes the soul and revives the spirit

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: A7med_3RB on Pixabay