“A manifestation appears in the mists” #poem #poetry #writing

A manifestation appears in the mists 
Into view it does creep 
The sleek form unmistakable 
For ’tis reynard notorious 

Of svelte physique the colour of fire 
Whose sharp features 
Speak of a shrewd intellect 
That studies the world 
With eyes of coruscating amber

Live coals amid the darkness of nighttide
Which burn and smoulder
For to penetrate the shadowy mysteries 
That pervade the realm
Through the hours of night entire

As the vulpine countenance of sly mien
Whose watchful gaze ever querying
Evokes an existence dependent upon patient stillness 
And a cunning as sharp as the steady gaze 
That peers into the gloom 
From two great orbs of sulphur
That burn amid the dark enigma of the midnight hour
While the beast prowls with ease in the inscrutable obscurity 

And an atmosphere abundant in duplicity and peril
Fills the hollow corridors of the forest 
When into the realm of shadows the creature retreats 
A’slithering into the impenetrable darkness 
From whence it emanated

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: T Malak (malcoo) Unsplash

“The cool scent of early morn” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

The cool scent of early morn 
fragrant with glad delight 
Clear as the sparkling waters 
a’frolic in a mountain stream 
Drifted across the misty glades 

It lingered 
deep in the lush corridors 
of emerald conifers a many 
As they exalted in the thin mist 
which tarried amid the cheer 
of the dawn light

It rejoiced in the lilac fields 
and wafted toward the eastern skies
In search of the rising auroral light 
when daybreak unfurled 

And a nascent sun
splashed rays of mellow gold 
across the deserted scape 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:kareni on Pixabay 

“A sprinkling of tumbledown cottages” #poem #poetry #writing

A sprinkling of tumbledown cottages 
whose whitewashed walls 
huddle beneath a cluster 
of thatched rooftops 

Crouch low on the crest 
of rolling hills of emerald green 
That overlook patchwork fields 
in russet red 
the colour of ploughed soil 
And old gold 
ready for harvest 
as far as the eye can see 

Beneath vast skies
awash in a pale blue
Daubed with a whisper of gauze
in pure white
From a smattering of thin clouds 
a’hover aloft in the empyrean heights 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Peggychoucair on Pixabay 

“The clear cold skies” #poem #poetry #writing

The clear cold skies 
of deep indigo 
Bask in the enigma 
of the inscrutable heavens 
Upon a starlit night 

They exult in the radiance 
of a glorious half moon 
Aglow with a golden light 
captured from the fleeing daystar 
Of an earlier dusk 

And now the nightorb 
reclines in sublime splendour
‘Gainst the backdrop 
of the velvet cloak of midnight

A’sheen with a myriad white stars
that rejoice in the infinite opulence 
Of the perpetual firmament 

While a nebula of silent clouds
throngs in a billow
at the perimeter of the celestial arena 

The nightscape of an inky cosmos 
for to relish awhile

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: nicolagiordano on Pixabay 

“The voice that speaks light” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity

The voice that speaks light 
into the stars and moon by night 
And addresses daylight by name 
in the early morn 
as it talks of brightness and warmth 
to the great star of day at dawn 

The voice which rouses the dormant life 
in the slumbering seed 
within the unseen depths 
of the earth concealed 

The voice that utters into being 
the hues of sky at sunset 
And paints the majestic crepuscular firmament 

Is the voice that brings light 
into the darkness of a troubled soul

It is the voice that shines 
a ray of hope everlasting 
into the lives of the fearful and the lost

It is the voice that illumines the path of the pilgrim
until journey’s end 
And destination reached
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jpdvg on Pixabay 

“Shadows of night” #poem #poetry #verse #WritingCommunity

Shadows of night 
assembled on the far horizon 
While dusk encroached upon the realm 
and the world grew dark 

Portals opened onto another dominion 
as a thin mist smothered the silent land 

A sombre mood descended upon all 
It draped itself around the souls of the living 

A stillness settled over the earth entire 

Not a sound was heard 
save for the whisper of the night winds 
When amid the shadowlands 
they did a roam 

The mysteries of the ages to bethink

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: jplenio on Pixabay 

“Simmering below the horizon” #poem #poetry #worldwidepoetry “WritingCommunity

Simmering below the horizon 
where fathomless seas 
encounter an infinite cosmos 
A lambent star of daylight 
ablaze with celestial fervour 
anticipates the hour of dawn 

The gilded orb as old as time 
spurns the timid mists 
that mar the flawless intent 
of clear skies in a duck egg blue 

As they abide in the hour of an early morn 
and emanate from the silent heights 
Which pervade the cool chambers 
secluded amid myriad heavenly cloisters 

Where fleeting shadows of night and day collude 
for to darken or to illumine 
the realm of earthly mortals

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Quangpraha on Pixabay 

“Be still said the night” #poem #poetry #WritingCommunity #worldwidepoetry

Be still said the night in dulcet voice 
To the waning eventide 
As the sky mourned in funereal hues 
A sky that but a moment ago 
Exulted in a radiant palette of glorious golds and crimsons 
And sublime salmon pinks of liquid fire 
Scattered across the heavens 

As a myriad dying embers flared a final adieu to the day Beneath the benign heavens 
Now the colour of ash and lilac mauve 
While mountainous clouds drifted despondent 
Through the lofty heights 

And the countenance of the distant horizon 
Brooded a dark purple in sorrow and lament
As the infinite firmament drew a shroud over the land 
For to commit the living to the realm of slumber 
Amid the shadows and cloisters of the night hour 
When stars and moon reposed veiled in midnight black

And not a light was to be seen
Throughout the dominion entire that night 
Save in the secret places among the souls of the living
Where a flame by the eternal spirit bestowed 
Burned unquenchable and unwavering 
Until there broke a new dawn
Which vanquished the destitution of darkness 
In a bountiful blaze of glory triumphant                       
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

“A feral bark” #poem #poetry #writing #worldwidepoetry

A feral bark 
rends the murky stillness 
of a silent night 

Apprehension and disquiet 
in all it does create 
A rustle of leaves and the crack of a twig 
the realm further does unsettle 

Much now conspires to discomfit spirits afear’d  
Ah! There ’tis! 
In the distance a pair of glowing embers a’smoulder 
blaze through the forest of fear

Amber eyes of steady watchful gaze 
do silently peer
From two fiery orbs 
incandescent in the gloom

Rigid as a statue the beast stands its ground
an outline of pointed ears in the dim light
Silent tell tale signs do aver

A primal sense of alert 
profound wariness affirms
this shadowy eve 
When souls unsuspecting 
are into the gentle embrace 
of a pleasant eventide stroll enticed 
Around a tranquil lake 
that adorns an enchanting copse                                         
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Tomas Malik on Pexels 

“Night has fallen” #poem #poetry #worldwidepoetry #WritingCommunity

Night has fallen 
and the pale moon 
Appears in the mist 
that drifts across a deserted scape 

It bestows a light of ivory 
upon the violet glory 
Which graces the skies 
as they arch over earthly realms 

Where shadows stalk the land 
in a myriad abandoned dreams 
lost in the sea of darkness 
That pervades the hour of night

When mountainous clouds
leave their lofty chambers 
And draw close to rooftops and trees 

As they linger awhile 
to brood over a world at slumber
Where pilgrims venture 
into the sanctuary of visions 

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Dreamy_Photos on Pixabay