“Into a deep gorge” #poem #poetry #verse

Into a deep gorge there plunges a ravine 
And it cuts a sleek swathe of sparkling silver
That in the brilliant sunlight does glint
As it probes the very depths of the mighty cleft
Between the twin giants of red earth 
That like eagles ever upward do soar 
From the surface or the earth
For to reach for the bright azure of the celestial heavens above 
As the crystal clear waters
Race to’ard their destiny 
Where a sudden drop 
Compels the river down the sheer face to cascade
In a stupendous waterfall 
Into a foaming pool at the foot of the cliff
Before its journey onward pursuing
Through a wide valley of fast waters a frothing 
Over smooth pebbles
And boulders of granite a rushing 
In a relentles quest
Of its appointment predestined 
With the vast open seas far yonder in the distance 
Beyond land or forest or mountain
Where great rivers and small streams 
From all around the world entire 
Together have irrevocably been drawn
Since the very first 
When the waters of the earth were one
For to circle and cover the deep
Before ere had been formed the first speck of dust
Them forever after to part 
For their separate ways to wend              


Image by Manuela Adler on Pexels

“As the wearying day” #poem #poetry #verse

As the wearying day 
In a sky of radiant crimsons
To a close does draw
For to rest awhile
Beneath the cloak a hue of indigo 
During the hours of night 
The great beacon of dazzling gold 
That slowly descends 
The monumental walls celestial 
In the twilight aflame
Far out on the horizon above the bay 
That opens onto great yonder seas
Adorns the waters below
With hues of molten bronze 
And liquid ambers 
With hints of coral tinged 
A’swim and a’swirl
Upon the glassy surface of the ocean 
As the rippling waves
Embrace with glee the great day star
In joyful welcome 
And the sparkling river a’gleam
With the light of dusk 
Songs of joy does intone
As toward the estuary mouth 
It races in the gloaming of early evening


Image by sergio ouza on Pexels

“From the mists” #poem #poetry #verse

From the mists 
Rise great giants
That live beyond the mountains 
In a clearing in the wold
And now upon the slumbering realm 
In perfect formation
To’ard their intended target
They march 
Silent and of stealth possessed 
In their mission united
And of one mind all
With the sole purpose 
Determined and single minded
In their intent 
Catastrophe absolute to incur
To the inclemency relentless 
Of inundation absolute committed 
For to blot out the very sun itself at dawn 
With its gilded rays 
And to cancel the celestial blues of daytime 
The firmament entire under their control now
For to fill with the cold faceless grey 
Of soul destroying blandness and lack of mercy
Of a deluge unremitting of rain 
Upon the unsuspecting realm distracted
About its night time rest occupied
The emptying upon the land
Of the arsenal entire
In endless salvos torrential 
And cataracts cataclysmic 
At their captive victims hapless levelled                                  


Image by WalterClark on Pixabay

“When darkness fell” #poem #poetry #verse

When darkness fell
A silence as unsettling
As a haunted forest at night
Invaded the land
As a shroud of mist
Appeared out of the shadows 
To swirl amid the empty streets 
And wrap itself around the houses
It slid across the still waters of the lagoon 
Scanning the waters for signs of life
And sped up the hills and across fields 
Inspecting the scene as it moved about 
Until soon there was no visibility at ground level
From within or without 
Should any have attempted 
To breach the thick fog 
Nor could the realm be seen 
From the heavens above
The mist took hold and mightily tightened its grip
Keeping the inhabitants trapped 
And in their homes restrained
For no lighting for any to see the way 
Would have penetrated
The thick cloak wrapped around the land 
Which pervaded all before it 
Like a sense of despair that nought will dispel 
Except the age old remedy of the passage of time 
As with the reign of the night mist itself
That into thin air does vanish 
At the very first light of dawn
As suddenly and mysteriously as it had appeared                   


Image Annie Roenkae on Pexels

“As the sun sets” #poem #poetry #verse

As the sun sets
The sky reddens behind the line of trees
Darkened now to silhouettes in ebony black 
In the altered light
As they cling to the hilltop
That drops straight down
Into the river mouth
As it rushes out 
To the wide open seas
Of deep blue
While they turn to liquid gold
Beneath the mighty orb of day
That shimmers and coruscates 
Half way down the wall 
Of the great celestial dome
As it turns from deep azure
To a vast canvas skyscape 
Bedaubed by an endless polychromy of colour
From the heavenly palette
Of vibrant ambers and titian reds
Melding with deep lilacs and fuschia pinks
In the late afternoon  
Bathed in a shimmering golden haze 
As the clear blue estuary waters 
Turn to molten bronze
And a single sail of brilliant white
Floats westward floats into the setting sun
In the complete silence that pervades the realm
Like the awed silence 
From an audience in a concert hall
Following an award winning virtuoso performance 


Image by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay

“a light fog” #poem #poetry #verse

a light fog 
swathed the morose evening
in a swirling cloak diaphanous 
beneath the huge twilit sky 
that reached far 
into the uppermost lofty realms 
of the grand celestial vaulted dome 
teeming with an abundance 
of sparkling stars 
that trailed off 
into a thin sprinkling 
of miniscule dots a glistering 
as far as the eye can see 
and the heart could desire 
into the distant reaches of infinity 


Image by Anni Roenkae on Pexels

“There was no trace that night” #poem #poetry #verse

There was no trace that night 
Of moon nor stars
For to shine a light 
Upon the way for the earthly traveller below 
For over the realm entire
There settled a deep blanket of gauze 
In wisps of swirling mists
Amid a heavy fog
Though insubstantial yet impenetrable 
Like the state of a dream sequence 
Elusive and enigmatic 
Thus it was that upon such a night 
A call ethereal was uttered
For to summon the pilgrim and the solitary 
The sanctuary of night for to seek
The spirit to cleanse 
The soul to lift and encourage
The heart to heal and fill
With the vigour and lusty appetite 
For very life and all its fruits                                                

Image by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels

“The nascent autumn” #poem #poetry #verse

The nascent autumn imminent 
Besought the wisdom and the sanction 
Of the keeper of the times and seasons 
For of much impatience was the autumn possessed
As at the edges of the hem of the great cloak 
Sported by the mighty incumbent 
That soon to be departed summer 
Did it surreptitiously nibble
A little fraying for to commence
A slow unravelling discreet for to introduce 
To the lavish vestment robust 
That throughout the lengthy glowing days
And warm nights balmy of summertide
Had covered the realm
In vibrant golds and vermilions 
And emerald greens 
Below skies of dazzling azures and brilliant sapphire blues
As the impatient precocious incomer 
Now did verily paw at the firmament 
In hues of lilacs and ambers and russet golds
As a persistent child single minded
Does a parent for attention insistently pester
It scratches at the branches 
At the still green leaves tugging 
And nibbles at not yet fully ripened fruit 
To their trees a’clinging
And the realm does shudder shiversome
In the cool damp air of morn
At the parvenu demands of the nouveau arrivé                              


Image by Abraham Braun on Pexels

“When the day wearies” #poem #poetry #verse

When the day wearies
And life away does slowly ebb
Relentless is the approach of night
As life’s work now lies complete
The tapestry is rolled up
The threads are put away
All clamour is stilled
All strife is ended
The struggles are over
The voice that will speak no more
Quiescent lies
The eyes that once did alert all about gaze
Now beneath closed lids see no more
The mind that with myriad thoughts did teem
For the brief span upon mortals bestowed
Now considers nought of this life’s concerns
The hands that toiled and laboured
That loved and crafted
Do together unite
In unspoken prayer-like repose without end
The feet that once about this world entire
Did consider perchance to roam
Now stilled do idle
The heart that for joy abounding did leap
That with very life did much glow
That with grief did break
As all through the years
It faithfully did beat
Now slows and weakens
For the race has been run
The path entire has been walked
The life is spent
Its tasks complete
The companions of this journey temporary
Now about do gather
A weeping of heart
Silent in their grief for not to awaken
The slumberer from rest
A rest that will soon permanent be
Until that last day
When the great clarion call awaited
Shall rouse all
Both the walking
And the supine about their sepulchres
For to awaken to new life without end

Image by WalterClark on Pixabay

“A monumental sky” #poem #poetry #verse

A monumental sky of granite grey
Discharges myriad bullets of icy raindrops
Onto the seething green waters
Flooded by the light of the pale cream moon
That hangs low
Over the querulous turmoil of the ocean
Even the rocks mightily struggle
Under the relentless assault
From the merciless pounding
Of the heaving waves
As great plumes of foam
Recoil from the impact
And shoot high up into the heavens
The roar of the waves
Like the roar of a thousand lions
Echoes along the shoreline
With each merciless smash
Against the long suffering shore
Not a soul is about this evening
All life human and animal retreating
Deep into their shelters
Until have been sated in full
The appetites rapacious
Of unbridled nature unleashed


Image by Michael Dam on Unsplash