“Secluded amid the shadows” #poem #poetry #verse #writing

Secluded amid the shadows 
at the hour of noon 
In the cloistered cool of the trees 
where the air is clean 
and fragrant with the scent of silence 
O mystery enigmatic 
which ever pervades tranquil spaces 

A discreet sunset 
in a reality beyond this realm 
Scatters seeds of dusk 
in lilac hue and magenta 
For to dispel the cares of day 
When eventide falls timely 
upon the land
And the veil of night
is lowered from the celestial heights
For to shroud the world entire 
which exults in the evening light 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: from Pixabay on Pexels 

“Tattered skies” #poem #poetry #writing

Tattered skies 
Of granite grey 
Tug at the empty clouds as rainfall abates for a time While a ragged mist hovers 
In the inscrutable void ‘tween heaven and earth 
And broods 

The mist exudes a cold breath 
Cold as the air 
That fills the darkness of a crypt 
Whose marble columns
Stand watch over the prone shapes corporeal
Prone ’til that last day

Inert amid the hidden mysteries 
And concealed within the shadows imponderable
That roam free 
In the seclusion of the sepulchre 

Free as rainclouds 
Afloat in the perpetual empyreal 
Maligned by a monotony 
Of downpours 
Unacquainted with relent
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: kinkate on Pixabay 

“The voiceless skies” #poem #poetry #writing

The voiceless skies 
Silently proclaim 
the splendour of the artistry exquisite 
By the painter celestial sublime bestowed 
upon the world entire 

As the glorious sun 
from dawn auroral to dusk crepuscular 
Through the lofty firmament 
does gracefully a’journey most regal 

In hues of pale cream much adorned 
That to burnished bronze
through the day entire do endeavour 
to slowly turn
When the daylight hours
to night do sorrowful yield 
As the heav’ns establish 
the reign nocturnal 
of the silvery moon

Very monarch of the kingdom of night
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

“Softly falls the night” #poem #poetry #writing

Softly falls the night 
As the hour of dusk 
Into the darkness 
Silently does melt 
When the scene entire 
Is a-shrouded 
In the colours 
Of a velvet nighttide 

And the fading light 
Of a forgotten day 
Long ago perished 
Whose skies of dazzling blue 
And buttercup yellow sunshine 
Are but a memory insubstantial 
Sombre hues nocturnal 
Of indigo and violet 
Do now assume
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Kym MacKinnon (vixenly) on Unsplash 

“Giant clouds a’billowing” #poem #poetry #writing

Giant clouds a’billowing 
In soft ivory attired 
Like a murmuration of dulcet starlings 
As thick as dust 
A’swarm high above the world 
Blanket the heavens 
Impelled by the west winds 
As they breathe a gentle zephyr 
Upon the realm entire 
But in the blink of an eye 
These delights enigmatic 
Into the ether do vanish
Forever departed
Unto some far sky
To grace that other lofty firmament 
In another dominion distant 
Spirited suddenly away
To some yonder realm unknown 
Borne upon a mere breath
Like feathers in the wind 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image sourced from Pexels on Pixabay 

“As dawn broke” #poem #poetry #writing

As dawn broke 
The nocturnal silence 
Vanished into the shadows 
Where phantoms roamed 
In the night hours 
Amid the labyrinthine cloisters 
Of mountainous conifers 
Ascending the granite walls 
That graced the soaring heights 

Whose elegant escarpments 
Edged the remote land
Of emerald green

Where a myriad patchwork fields
Framed by endless hedgerows 
And towering treetops 
Dwelt in a realm
Of felicitous elysian bliss
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay 

‘An evening sun’ #poem #poetry #writing

An evening sun 
Swathed in ribbons of lilac 
Shimmered diaphanous 
In the crepuscular light 
As the sky turned 
From a dazzling blue 
To shades of night 

That intoned from a hymnody 
Of mournful eventide songs 
In notes sepulchral 
For to bid the waning day 
Lachrymose adieux most tender 
When the hours of daylight 
Were into nightfall absorbed 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Pixabay on Pexels 

“The skies wept” #poem #poetry #writing

The skies wept 
For day upon day unremitting 
Until they could weep no longer 
For their tears were spent 
Poured out upon the world below 
And at last the land in peace was left 
As pax caeli returned to the heavens 
Whose infinite celestial realms 
Were garlanded by tranquility and quietude 
As the sun appeared anew in the firmament 
And rose high in the sky
Like a golden chrysanthemum 
In full bloom aloft in the vaulted dome
Casting its blandishments 
Upon the kingdom below
And all life that dwelt therein
~ d.a.simpson ~

K. Mitch Hodge (kmitchhodge) on Unsplash 

“A thin path” #poem #poetry #writing

A thin path 
Leads through the woods 
Where the air is clean 
And a light of pale gold 
Filters down from heaven 
Through the fathomless firmament 
For to flood the earth with blandishment 

While mountainous trees 
Search for the skies 
Their robust trunks 
Reaching far into the clouds 
While the forest floor 
Is a deep blanket of crisp leaves
In auburn and gold
And a waterfall
Cascades clear sparkling waters 
Down the face 
Of the giant monoliths 
That inhabit the granite rocks
Scattered across this hidden realm
This blessèd idyll
This bejewelled forest
Of emerald green
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image:  Seaq68 on Pixabay 

“The bay” #poem #poetry #writing

The bejewelled bay 
Of a remote realm 
Edged by a placid azure sea 
That laps at the pale sands 
Of an empty beach 
Overlooked by terracotta cliffs 
Which crest tranquil emerald fields 
Traversed by streams of sparkling turquoise 

Is home 
To a scattering 
Of thatched roofs 
Atop low cottages
Some clustered close together 
Others spread out or even solitary 
Ramshackle and ordinary 
Sloping this way and that 
And painted a dazzling white

That gleams in the brilliant sunlight
The colour of yellow jasminum
Bestowed by a flawless sky

As the living hearken
To the hourly peel of bells 
From the tower of the norman church

A world within worlds                                                            

~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: Florin Clopotaru (clopi7788) on Unsplash