“A delinquent spirit roamed the earth” recent musings of mine #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

A delinquent spirit roamed the earth
With an unseemly extravagant swagger
The spikes malevolent invincible
Of the unseeable monster to escape
Shuttled timorous families of clouds
Across the farthest reaches of the ceiling celestial
Through vast unseeing skies lofty
Indifference feigning to the spirit of fear
That gripped the defenseless realm unprepared
As all below right across the doomrich lands
Hither and thither scuttled masses hysterical
Mountains amassed of victuals
Only to be left to rot
While a third of the globe goes hungry
Barrels of fluids sterile undrinkable
While the other half of the world thirsts
Reams of paper in tall Ionic columns piled
Within mini castles across this green and pleasant land
Of families nuclear
Their bunker mentality to feed and foster
Their certain end for to defer awhile
A very end that may or may not yet arise
But an end real and much palpable
To those in the thrall of fear
That spoilt child of self regard
Of reduced humanity
To mere consumer autonomous
d.a.simpson ©

5 thoughts on ““A delinquent spirit roamed the earth” recent musings of mine #d’Verse #poem #WritingCommunity

    1. Thank you for reading and for commenting. There is so much of that spoilt child in society. It’s truly shown its face recently while others are the exact opposite in their selfless altruistic behaviour


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