A violet light

A violet light 
spilled onto the waters 
from high in the firmament 
Where the sun was a’setting 

As the blue sky of day 
swept away by opaque lilacs 
Burgeoned in a crepuscular lambency 
The great star of daytide 
shed an aura of pale orange 
that melded into a salmon pink
As it hovered above the horizon 
‘tween this hour and the realm of night 
upon its slow descent 
into the silent mysteries 
Beckoning from another dominion 

While aloft in the mountainous heights 
diaphanous clouds a many
Spread thin breaths of lavender 
throughout the expanse entire 
As the embers of a sublime dusk
blazed a final adieu
attired in a lachrymose hue
In the endless infinity unknowable 
~ d.a.simpson ~

Image: darius_garza on Pixabay 


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