‘A moon of ivory’

A moon of ivory 
‘Gainst vast skies etched 
Supine reclines 
Upon a canvas of indigo 

While a gentle breeze 
Innocuous now 
If only for a time and a time 
The treetops does caress 
As the hem of heaven it does skim 

‘Tis a humble whisper of a breeze
And belies the swirling winds
Of an earliertide 

When in a frenzy 
T’had spun the clouds a’billowing 
Into wisps of snowy white a’swirling 

As a million stars
Older than the very hills
Strewn across the midnight scape 
Of visions and dreams did a tell

From of a world of bliss beyond bliss
Far from this meagre mortal coil
This valley of fleeting shadows                                     
~ d.a.simpson ~ 

Image: aalmeidah on Pixabay 

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